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ER and case management
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fostercatmom has 28 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in ER and case management.

Was halfway through my master's in nursing education when I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Now I tutor students sometimes to keep my hand in. Being a nurse was a honor.

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  1. fostercatmom

    Controversies Surrounding ANA

    Thank you! I tried searching here, guess I wasn't using the right search terms. Thank you so much for your help! I didn't know about these.
  2. fostercatmom

    Controversies Surrounding ANA

    That's the assignment. What are some of the controversies surrounding the ANA itself. ? I'm trying to help a friend in an ethics class. I'm usually pretty good at googling, not this time. I never had time to be politically active in nursing (always wanted to) and now I'm sick. So not really aware of why some would have an issue with them.
  3. fostercatmom

    Controversies Surrounding ANA

    Are there any controversies surrounding the ANA. I would think that there is something. I can't find any from Nurse Google. Anyone know of any? Maybe I'm just tired and having a brain cramp, thanks for any help!!!
  4. As much I dislike LVN programs- they are outdated and do not serve the nursing need very well, they DO serve a purpose, especially for young single mothers that just need to get started in something. Where did OP say, by the way, she did NOT go to a 'brick and mortar school'? She most certainly did, I believe she said she lives an hour away. Isn't nice you had the luxury and ability to go to a brick and mortar school? Why didn't you go right into a 4 year program? Why did you ONLY go to a 2 year program? Did it serve a need for you? There are thousands of nurses who went right into a BSN program. Don't be so snobby...you don't know where she lives or what her circumstances are. I know many LVNs or LPNs that just needed to get started and they kept going for their RN, they just needed income and it was the right balance for them. Maybe there isn't a school around her she could afford. Its sounded by her comment that she is probably in an assistance program of some kind. Be grateful for what you have, and don't be so callous towards other people- nursing 101.
  5. fostercatmom

    I didn't get into Nursing School!! Help!!

    Jordan, I don't know how old you are, but I'm not sure you are ready. "I don't study like I should" and "science is my worst subject" are not confidence building statements for yourself or for your patients. there are two truths to nursing (well, many truths, but these two are for you): 1. Nursing IS science. and 2. You HAVE to study like you should. Not only are looking to hold an adult's life in your hands, you want to hold a baby's life as well? I do not want you taking care of anyone right now. You need to build your discipline level. Nursing is all about discipline. Discipline to study, discipline to work your butt off- not go to the bathroom for 12 hours, or eat, to stay until all your charts are finished, and to work on holidays and weekends. There is a reason most nursing students are older. At least one of those is a lot of us are not and were not ready to be nurses at a young age or certain time in life. It's okay. Retake your classes, there is no need to rush. Do it right the first time and you won't need a second time. Best of luck (and hard work)..(.as I sit here, desperately wanting to go to bed and can't because I'm in a master's nursing program and I have a paper to finish tonight)
  6. fostercatmom

    Is there an online program for labs and diagnosises?

    I'm trying to put labs together that are kind of mixed up from what you would normally expect... Just trying to get some ideas of where to go next as my doctor is kind of useless, probably need a specialist, trying to head for the right kind the first time out, I don't have a lot of time to bounce from one to another. I did find a symptom checker, that gives you a bunch of ideas, but trying to find one that incorporates lab values too. Thanks for the site
  7. I'm trying to find a program where I can input all the lab values and come up with possible diagnosis? Does anyone know of such a thing? And/Or one where you can put symptoms in Thanks in advance!
  8. fostercatmom

    When do going back to school STOP!!

    I think I know what you are saying. Yes, other posters are right, you have to have more in nursing to do the different jobs. In the OLD days though, you could get hands on training and move up, fro example, nurse to charge to dept manager to don. Those days are long gone. And to a limited extent there is still some movement in the smaller places, but in big organizations, safe to say pretty much never. Stuff is to complicated now, so many rules and regs...you have to specialized/higher degreed to get the knowledge and/or keep up. Remember, nursing as a whole is trying to show itself as a profession and not a trade like it used to be, and professions have degrees, higher degrees and specialized certifications. Does that help?
  9. fostercatmom

    APA Question- need help tonight! late again!

    Guess my first instinct looked right. I'll take it
  10. fostercatmom

    APA Question- need help tonight! late again!

    Thank you, I did, it doesn't address this particular structure. Then it says if what you are looking for isn't here , use the closest format to what you are using, but there doesn't be anything like that either.
  11. The psychosocial aspects of case-management needs are learned from on-the-job-training and through classes such as the Case Management Society of America's (CMSA) Integrated Case Management Training program. One of the skills taught in this class is the mastery of performing systematic complex assessments that include physical, behavioral, and psychosocial assessments. The class, Concepts of Case Management, offered by American Sentinel University (ASU) is described in part as clinical information gathering, processing and recording” Do I Italicize those class titiles or not, and yes I know I need the citations, but I'm just talking about italicizing or not... Thanks for any help!!!
  12. fostercatmom

    United Healthcare Telephonic Case Management

    I'd like to know to!
  13. fostercatmom

    I'm a sexless nurse

    outsidethebox...sounds like that CNA was trying to get out of work...you can very easily do a female ekg and not expose a thing (you might have to push something aside, but you can do that with the back on your hand or use your wrist or forearm. Our male medics in the ER do it all the time and walk the females to the bathroom. And do bedpans-all with the patient's permission.
  14. fostercatmom

    I'm a sexless nurse

    In regards to the "little old women" I hope they were very acute dementia...yes "little old women" have modesty ...maybe even more so than younger ones (sometimes) . Sexless? no. Just respectful- that's all. Equality is great and wonderful, but some people are male and some are female...it will always be that way...its just plain respectful. And the lay person will tend to see genitalia as sexual , where professional nurses know when its work and when its not. Its about the patients' comfort....not ours!
  15. fostercatmom

    Am I too old to be an RN.... or should I just stay an LPN?

    with your experience and an RN you could probably be a case manager/utilization review ...ageism is not a factor..they need and want people with more experience... its where old nurses get put out to pasture---when mind is good, but legs and feet aren't so willing!
  16. fostercatmom

    Am I too old to be an RN.... or should I just stay an LPN?

    There a 90 yo surgical nurse who is till working too- they said oldest practicing RN in the US!