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I just purchased my clinical uniform for the Fall. This is the required top: The issue is, the small size is too tight in the bust area so I purchased the medium. The medium feels too baggy and I look so frumpy in it. Have... Read More

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    By all means, please have your scrubs altered. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable while doing physical work & looking your best for your patients & colleagues - & yourself!

    It's just plain gross when I see nurses with their scrub pants dragging on the floor (we all know the hospital floor is the dirtiest place on earth *gag*) or scrub tops so big their wrinkled boobage pops out.

    It always cracks me up when a [certain] nurse is complaining about how she isn't treated professionally yet visible ink stains are all over her ripped scrub pockets & the bottoms of her scrub pants are ripped in shreds, threads trailing behind her every step. Appearance matters, people, whether we like it or not!

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    Quote from Bk11223
    I just re-read your post and well if you are worried about looking "frumpy" in your uniform, fear not, not one person will care if you do. They will care if you are cleanly and modestly dressed, and performing your skills appropriately. Clinicals aren't a fashion show.
    I disagree. In nursing school especially, nursing students are expected to look as professional as possible. Some schools even go so far as to send students home from clinical if they don't have 100% white shoes, or their uniform is dirty/wrinkled, etc. I have no doubt that in some nursing programs, wearing an ill-fitting uniform would be considered quite unacceptable- by the nursing school staff, no less.

    OP, a good seamstress can alter just about anything. I could definitely not sew my own uniform, or alter it in any way that would make it look professionally done, so I definitely suggest bringing your uniform to either a professional or a friend/family who is talented with a sewing machine. Just take the uniform in with you and they will fit it for your body and make it look great!

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