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Hello all! I'm a New Grad and I have yet to fufill my nursing dreams. I graduated April of this year and I've had one interview out of over 100 positions that I've applied for. I don't have a great GPA, but I have glowing... Read More

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    Quote from SCSTxRN
    I don't know how to say this more strongly - I strongly feel that you are making a job costing mistake by putting your certifications after your lack of experience, I seriously doubt that anyone is going to look that far. Seeing ACLS tells them that you can read a basic heart rhythm - not necessarily a guaranteed skill in a new grad. The EKG certification would get you a job in tele here, almost no questions asked... but you're hiding it behind the "I have no experience" listing.

    JMO - take it for what it's worth.
    I never noticed that before. Thanks for the tip. It makes more sense for me to showcase that first.

    Quote from GGirll22
    California isn't hiring too many New Grads try some temp companies they can help you build your resume while looking for a job of your choice.
    I heard most temp agencies won't take you if you have no experience
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    --deleted for propriety--
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    Good luck. Let us know how it goes. Everyone does have different advice.

    Considering today's short attention spans, shorter is usually better. But --remember to put in key words that a database query might use. You might call some recruiters and ask them about what to include. Finally, I would suggest tailoring each cover letter and your resume according to the particular position.

    I know someone said to drop your scholarship data. I suggest including it as it is an academic accomplishment. It shows you pursued an objective and achieved it. (You noted your academic grades weren't that hot. --And considering that --be prepared with an answer to showcase how you're addressing that deficiency.)

    In your letter or objective statement you might include something stellar about yourself along with your goal... If you got rave reviews from your clinical instructors...or whatever... e.g., "Nursing school scholarship recipient seeks entry-level nursing position on med-surg unit..."

    Keep trying... You'll get there.
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    As part of my unit's interview panel, I've looked over quite a few resumes over the last few years. So here are my thoughts...

    - I like easy and simple to read (a few bullet points for main ideas) - Keep it short (you are a new grad so we know you have no job experience and all students did clinicals so keep this info brief)

    - Work experience even if not medical related can show you are responsible, can manage stress, customer service abilities, or the ability to multi-task, but be selective!

    - List things that make you stand out from the other candidates such as awards, scholarships, extracurricular projects that show you off (for example: traveled to Africa on humanitarian mission to provide health care assessments and teaching to village ______)

    - Consider taking additional classes on some topic related to the area of nursing you are interested in

    - Consider doing volunteer work at the hospital of your choice so the workers and managers get to know you

    As for your intro letter, keep it short and succinct otherwise you will lose your readers interest!

    Good Luck!
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    Can someone critique mine???

    (Header and Address removed)

    Dear Nurse Recruitment,

    Please consider my application for XXXXX, as my experience includes 225 hours of senior preceptorship hours in Kaiser Santa Clara's Level I CVICU, years of teaching experience, and strong leadership and communication skills.

    As an honors student and member of Sigma Theta Tau International (3.6 GPA), my strong academic achievements provide me great potential to transition from an advanced-beginner nurse to a competent professional nurse. My performance has been rewarded by my preceptorship placement in the Cardiac ICU, the highest acuity critical care units the nursing school offers. During this 225 hour clinical practicum, my role as a student nurse has transitioned into assuming full care for my preceptor's patient including; medication administration, communication with the Intensivist and healthcare specialists, medical record charting, IV drip therapy titration, interpreting invasive hemodynamic monitoring, and implementing care based upon clinical presentation. I also provide for XXXXX, years of leadership and teaching experience in both nursing and non-nursing subjects, from instructing sailing programs for the visually-impaired, to health education and promotion for mental health clients.

    From my teaching and leadership experience, I have developed strong therapeutic communication, focused in patient-centered care and advocacy. In Palo Alto, CA at Momentum for Mental Health, I developed and taught the Fall 2012 curriculum for their “Health and Wellness” class. At Momentum, I was both a teacher and accessible nursing-based resource for mental health clients. My goal was to educate and further develop clients’ support network through a dynamic and interactive class. The outcome presented a classroom full of enthusiastic clients willing to learn, ask questions and share personal experiences.

    From my academic, clinical, teaching and leadership accomplishments, I am excited to strengthen my commitment to nursing and develop myself in the clinical setting, and learn as much as possible. As a BSN candidate from a CCNE accredited nursing program, I am preparing to take my NCLEX June 2014. I strongly believe my abilities and potential as a new graduate nurse will flourish in XXXX community.


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