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On the top of my resume, I have my name listed, followed by my credentials with my highest degree. I have an ASN and a BS in Biology, so I write it as: Jane Doe, BS RN Do you think this is... Read More

  1. by   psu_213
    Quote from MN-Nurse
    No, it's lying.
    Huh? It's a degree she earned. If recruiters seem to find it confusing to have "BS" listed after her name, then remove it. Still keep it in the education section, just not on the 'title line,' so to speak.

    We can argue whether the BS in biology is relevant, but it is definitely not a lie.
  2. by   Stephalump
    Quote from OCNRN63

    I've had supervisors who had bachelor's or master's degrees in something else. When we'd get memos with the supervisor's name and credentials, I knew they were degrees in areas other than nursing. It's just not a big deal to me.
    It isn't a big deal to me, either. But I'm also not recruiting her.
  3. by   PrincessRN101
    Quote from Asystole RN
    When identifying credentials you should utilize those credentials that are applicable to the position that you are attempting to obtain. That being said, I have seen BS utilized in nursing credentials often and I even think that it is very relevant to nursing. A degree does not have to be nursing in order to assist in the practice of nursing. This is why MBAs are common to see in RNs who hold positions of leadership.
    the poster should just continue with her education, put RN at the end of her last name sometimes, and BS RN sometimes. just try it out, when you get an interview clarify all the details. and make the degree work for you, a Bachelor of Science in Biology is a big deal- just not in the nursing realm. Go back to school, do the bridging, or accelerated or 2 year BSN program and get your feet totally in the nursing world. So you have your BS BSN RN. You'd for sure get work that way... go back to school
  4. by   limonada
    I don't think it is sneaky at all! I have seen managers that are RNs but have bachelor's or master's degrees in other fields, but in emails from them and on the sign on their office door they have their name and then RN, BA or RN, MA, or whatever degree they have. I have worked with nurses who have bachelor's in other fields and signed their names with RN, BS after it. I have a bachelor's in another field but I just sign my name with RN after it when I write nurse's notes, or anything else I need to sign. If the person reading your resume bothered to read the whole thing, they would see that you have a BS in another field. If you had a bachelor's in nursing, you would have written BSN, wouldn't you? So why would they assume your bachelor's was in nursing? I don't see what the big deal is, but I guess if so many people find it sneaky, we should consider changing our resumes...? Maybe just not put anything after our names and then just list our degrees in the education section... I don't know what to think because in my interviews, I never got the reaction you did-they were always just happy that I had a bachelor's...

    I should add that my degree is also in a related field-psychology.
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