ADN and BSN in same year.

  1. Hello AN resume gurus! I have a quick question. I got my ADN and BSN very close to each other and i'm not sure how that will look on my resume and if I should put both. Here are the specifics. I finished my ADN nursing classes in Dec of 2011, but had one GE class left to take, so I graduated with my ADN in Feb 2012. I am now set to graduate in June 2012 with my BSN. I went forward with getting my ADN first so that I could take my NCLEX between Feb and June, which I did, and passed. Whoo!! Will it look weird to put ADN Feb 2012, then BSN June 2012? I thought about just putting the BSN on, but I passed my NCLEX in i didn't want it to look fishy that I took the test, but didn't have my BSN yet. Thoughts?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Since you passed NCLEX prior to receiving the BSN, I would list the ASN. You want to preclude any confusion when people look at your resume and that is the easier way to do that. Congratulations!
  4. by   Cahoon BSN RN
    Thanks! That makes sense. Maybe I'll include the months too so that it doesn't look like I got them at exactly the same time.
  5. by   foreverLaur
    Where did you find a RN-BSN program that let you finish that quick? I have two bachelor degrees and will get my ADN this year, but I can't find a RN-BSN program that doesn't seem to have a ton of coursework over a long period of time!
  6. by   Cahoon BSN RN
    It was a front loaded accelerated BSN program. It just ended up that we were eligible to get our ADN after taking Peds. I have a previous degree in Psych so it wasn't split specifically to ADN then BSN. So therefor some people who wanted to test early for NCLEX, did what I did. The program is at Inter American University of Puerto Rico and it is accredited.
  7. by   RNGriffin
    As you would like more opportunities to be opened to you, send out the resume now with the expected graduation date for your BSN, but list your ASN graduation date presently. After you graduate, list the date of graduation for your BSN and detail within the Education section of your resume how long you have been registered with your state board, and the date you passed the NCLEX. If you graduated from the same college, it could be easier to list the date you passed the NCLEX and became registered. After or during the interview explain the type of degree you have.
    Most HR personeel or hiring managers will inquire as to what type of degree you have during the phone interview. This will allow you to save some time explaining on your resume your education process, but focus on your work history and credentials.
    Leave the graduation months off and just list the year. Makes it so much easier since you complete both in such a short time frame.
  8. by   happyinillinois
    Try WGU. I had a B.A. and then when I got my ADN it only took 6 months (of working very hard) to finish my BSN.