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Cahoon BSN RN has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. Cahoon BSN RN


    Can't really comment on Simmons, but the program at Georgetown is fantastic. I have several friends who are currently in it. On in the FNP, and the other in the WHNP/CNM program. The classes are online, but you must be present at at the designated time. They are real time, online. You can ask questions live and the professors are very good. You can re-watch the lectures if you need to as well. If Simmons is different you may want to see which fits your schedule better. Congrats on your acceptance.
  2. Cahoon BSN RN

    Cape Cod Nursing

    Hi, I am an RN looking to relocate on to the mid cape from the DC area. I have lived here through winters before, so I am aware of the challenges there. I have 5+ years in an ED with BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC and charge nurse experience. I am trying to find out what the job opportunities and wages are like out here. I have seen quite a few posting for CCH and some of the various urgent cares, but none have salary postings. Can anyone offer some insight? I would love to chat about varying experiences. Also if anyone is an APRN, and would like to share, I would love to hear from them as well, since this may be in my future. Sorry for the long post, but I am having trouble finding resources other places. Thanks for any help!
  3. If ER is what you want to do, go for it. Maybe start at a smaller hospital that is not a trauma center. They are usually slower paced and the stakes are not as high. We hire a lot of new grads at my hospital in Northern Virginia. I personally think that the skills you learn on a med-surg floor are very different than the ones you use in the ED.
  4. Cahoon BSN RN

    BSN failed NCLEX twice, what jobs are in demand?

    The school was not in the US, it was in Puerto Rico. To be fair, a lot of people who went there passed the NCLEX with no problems, myself included.
  5. Cahoon BSN RN

    BSN failed NCLEX twice, what jobs are in demand?

    Hey there Yogi! I just ran across your post and I'm sorry to hear about your NCLEX trouble. Since you're looking for feedback, I think you're on the right track with an EMT program. I would strongly suggest that you try and get a job in a hospital versus working for a transport or ambulance service. You will be studying for your NCLEX every day you are at work. You will be around people using the medications and seeing patients with all the conditions you will face on the test. With the amount of review you have done, and knowing that you made it through nursing school, I would guess that you need some context to put all of that information into. Working with and around nurses is probably just what you need. That contextual use of the information you already have just might put you over the edge (in a good way) and allow the questions on the NCLEX to make more sense instead of being vague and conceptual. I am currently working in the ED and I know that our techs (they are all EMT's and medics, not CNA's) are awesome and such an important part of the team. Plus, once you do pass the boards an RN job from a hospital that already knows you and has seen you perform well as an EMT will be all that much easier to land. Good luck with the current job hunt and EMT class.
  6. Cahoon BSN RN

    ER Interview: What should I expect?

    I had a question where they said, you have a 65yr old M pt. that presents to the ED with abdominal pain. List every possibility you can think of that might be the cause.
  7. Cahoon BSN RN

    Salary for Florida Nurses

    Does anyone have any info on the pay from any of the hospitals on the Treasure Coast? Martin Memorial, PCL, any others?? Thanks
  8. Cahoon BSN RN

    Deciding on a NP program

    Wow, Wildcat, how old are you? I wouldn't expect to hear that from an educator.
  9. Cahoon BSN RN

    Inova Health System

    The ED positions are at Inova Fairfax and one at Inova Fair Oaks. Yes the position I took is at Inova also.
  10. Cahoon BSN RN

    Inova Health System

    My application has been "under review" for several weeks. I just decided to take one of the new grad float pool positions instead and hope for the best.
  11. Cahoon BSN RN

    New Grad just hired, need help stat!

    Denver is starting new grads at $31, but northern VA is $25 as well. Both are in hospitals, not LTC.
  12. Cahoon BSN RN

    Inova Health System

    That is correct. Navy or white scrubs for RN. You can wear any combination I think. Also you can have navy with white piping, or white with navy piping. The only time I am aware of that your scrubs are provided for you is in the OR.
  13. Cahoon BSN RN

    Inova Health System

    Can anyone tell me WHERE Inova superuser training is? P*** said that it was next to the FCPS building, but when I google map it there is a Marriott on one side and townhouses on the other!! I am so confused and I don't want to be late...especially after that email today. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS!!
  14. Cahoon BSN RN

    Entrance drug test

    What about benzodiazepines? I read in the nurses with disabilities thread that they may effect licensing or hiring? This would be with a prescription of course.
  15. Cahoon BSN RN

    What is "PJH" ?

    I have applied for a position listed similar to this one "System Float Pool RN OR\Surgical Services PJH". I have looked online, but so far no luck. Could someone clue me in to what the PJH means? The job is in the Inova Health System in Virginia if that helps. Thanks!!
  16. Cahoon BSN RN

    INOVA Application System Cover letter

    Ok, I don't think i'm an idot, but I just may be. I can't seem to figure out how I can change my cover letter to apply for new jobs within the INOVA system. They are using the cims talent platform. At least I think that's the system. I have created my profile and uploaded a resume and pasted a plain text cover letter just like they instructed. I applied for the job and now I'd like to apply for another, but I can't figure out how to change the cover letter. I've gone to the "update profile" page and everything is there EXCEPT for a place for the cover letter. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks for any help.