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    Hi lstsmile,
    Thanks for your help..

    One other quick question about the documents we need to get (Hep B, CPR, Health Cert, Police Check etc etc). In the manual they gave me, it states that they must be handed in the first week of class, but I also remember hearing that we have a year to get all these done. Do you know if I have to have evertyhing done by August 1 in order to attend classes, or will we be given more time? I just arrived in PR and am trying hard to get all done as quick as possible..

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    You will definitely have enough time to get all of your documents together. On your first day of clinical, your prof will be able to tell you the deadline in which everything should be turned in. Please don't stress yourself out in trying to get those documents for August 1. You will need all those documents listed, yes, but you have time. (Usually the professors made us turn in those documents 2-3+ weeks into the trimester)
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    Thanks so much.. it definitely would've been pretty stressful trying to get all that by Aug 1.
    Thank you for your help

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