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In my former state of residence you were not allowed to waste into the sewer system or sink due to the effects on the environment. In my current state, we HAVE to waste in the sink or toilet. How do you do it and where do... Read More

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    Quote from BelgianRN
    I waste small amounts in garbage. Never in the sink only isotonic and colloid fluids end up in there. Antibiotics go into the hazard container. And small amounts of sedatives and/or narcotics might end up in the patient if they are in need of some calmth ^^.
    This. We had a talk from management about this recently, because any medicines that go in the sink eventually end up in our water system. All antibiotics go into the these white hazard containers with a blue top and a yellow cover on the bottom. Narcs are wasted in the trash, or the rest is just thrown away in the sharps bin.

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