No more piggybacking zosyn?

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    A new policy at our hospital states that we cannot piggyback zosyn ...this may be a dumb question (I am a brand new nurse so bear with me) but WHY NOT? WHY CAN'T WE? Please let me hear your reason. THANK YOU ALL!
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    That doesn't make sense to me either. Do they want you running it as a primary then?
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    We still piggyback it. Also curious how they want you to run it.
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    Yeah they want us to use it as a for instance if we already had a primary just get a double primary pump...
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    ask the pharmacist.
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    Zoysn is supposed to be run over a four hour period. This is a new policy since most people used to run it as a rapid infusion 15-30mins. If your running it over 4 hours twice a day, what ever fluid is on the primary line would now be paused for a total of at least 8 hours a day.
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    well it makes since if you have maintenance fluids running, but if you don't then you need to run it piggy-back so all of it gets in. We still infuse over 30 minutes. Since when does it go over 4 hours?
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    Ok- i had to look this up. Giving it slower (4 hrs) makes it stay in the system longer. Some hospitals will do zosyn over 30 minutes but will do it more freqeuntly (i.e. every 6 hours). So if you are giving zosyn over 4 probably only have to do it 2xday. If you run it in 30min, then you have to do it more frequently...either every 6 or every 8 hours.
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    There are new studies that Zosyn is more effective if given over an extended peroid of time every eight hours therefore it is no longer a "piggyback"but a continous infusion.
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    WOW!! never heard of that!!

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