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I have a question regarding using multi-use vials. Is it okay to take medication from a vial that is almost empty and transfer it to a new vial? Example: You need .05 ml of med. but there is only enough for .03, so you pull... Read More

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    Quote from PediLove2147
    But then, I'll use the same senario as KelRN, you would need to stick the patient twice in the instance of NPH/Regular Insulin. It is standard to mix these two and in order to do that you cannot use a sterile needle after drawing up the Regular..
    "While it is not recommended to use the same needle and syringe to enter more than one medication vial because of the risks described above, there are circumstances where more than one vial may need to be entered with the same syringe and needle (e.g., when reconstituting medications or vaccines). In these circumstances, aseptic technique must be followed and reconstitution should be performed in a designated clean medication area that is not adjacent to areas where potentially contaminated items are placed." I would think this would apply to the situation you described above as well.
    CDC - Medication Preparation - Safe Practices for Medical Injections FAQs - Injections Safety

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