I need help with a dosage question on medicine please?Thanks

  1. 0 A patient is to receive tablet four times daily. The available tablets are 5 mg. How many milligrams of medication will the patient receive per day?
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    What do you have so far?
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    What is half of 5?
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    Half of 5 is 2.5. So, 2 four times is 8. Then you have .5 four times. That is two. Total is 10. That is how I figured it out in my head. Keepng the wholes and fractions might make it easier for you next time.
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    omg thanks so much. i do appreciate it luv2brn
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    I have always told my children that if you don't have anything nice to say.....say nothing at all. There are ways to get one's point across without being hurtful.

    OP....we are happy to help with homework, and luv2bnrn was very nice to provide the answer for you, but that will not help you learn how to do calculations.....a huge part of nursing. I like to see what you have done so far so I may be better able to help you and teach you how to find the answer yourself.

    Here is an excellent website designed to help you learn.....DosageHelp.com - Helping Nursing Students Learn Dosage Calculations
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    Moved to Nursing and Patient Medications.
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    That's an oddly worded question, it doesn't state the orders in mg's, just that the patient is to receive a half a tab and you have 5mg on hand, what if you only had 10mg on hand?
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    exactly i think that the question doesn't make sense either...
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    My guess is that it's just an algebra question, switched around to test your ability to go at the calculation bass-ackward, so to speak.
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    2.5 X 4 =10mg or 5mg X 2 =10mg
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    thanks hunn i just multiplied 1/2 by 4. and i got two.. so then 2 by 5 = 10.. thanks so much i appreciate it.. it's worded stupid but i got the same thing..
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    i got ten... right..

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