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Allowing Pt's Parent to Take Meds Home

  1. 1 I had a pediatric pt in the ED with a rash. After bothering the little guy with several procedures that he tolerated with great difficulty, he fell asleep. The physician ordered liquid Benadryl and liquid prednisone. Of course, these meds came in pre-filled syringes. Since the pt had been through a lot and was finally asleep, the parent asked if she can take the meds home and administer them in the comfort of their own home. As a parent, I wanted to allow it. As a nurse, I didn't want to allow it. What should have been done?
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    I would have woken the patient up to give him or her their meds just like any other patient. The only medication we dispense for a patient to take home is an albuterol MDI.
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    I try to always ask myself what is the worst case scenario??? 1. you wake the kiddo up and give him his medication and mom has a fussy kid until she gets him home and back to sleep OR 2. you let mom take it home and she forgets or waits too long to give it and the kiddo has an anaphylactic reaction and dies. I would wake the kiddo up.
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    Wake him up. He'll eventually fall asleep again. Like was said before, you're responsible for giving the meds ordered. If there's a problem, how does it look in court?
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    I would have given the meds
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    You should think like a nurse rather than a mom. Give the medications in the hospital. That's your responsibility to your patient.
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    I would wake him up and give the meds.
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    If the mom had a prescription from the medical doctor, there would be no problem. In other words, a prescription that mom can use the hospital approved medication for home use. However, for further thought, if the physician ordered the medication, the patient should be given it. Not only that, the patient could decompensate, especially if there was a problem with a reaction or breathing problems. A child can sleep through a reaction. Wake the child up and give the medication as ordered.
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    At my facility, sending any meds home with patients is considered dispensing, and out of our scope. Wake him and give the meds. I agree with the posters that said he will fall back asleep again, and preventing further reaction is more important than not interrupting his sleep.
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    The order was given, and the medication dispensed, in order for you to give them in the hospital so that is what should have been done. I understand the feeling of being a parent, but you are also a nurse and when you are working you are a nurse first and foremost because it is ultimately your nursing license, not your parenting ability, that is on the line.
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    Thank you, you all, for your input. I went ahead and administered the meds anyway, upsetting the mother who happened to be a nurse, too.
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    As a nurse, the mother should have known better. Shame on her, for sure.