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Hi all :-): I was enrolled in a traditional, brick and mortar program this year. Long story short, I finsihed most of my year 1 ADN clinicals, now have to wait another year before I can repeat 1 class and move on to my 2nd... Read More

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    MissmyErica, wow I applaud you again. Just think you'll be getting your BSN while your fellow B&M cohorts will be just finishing their two year RN program(unlicensed).

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    Although I am an EC success story, I also encourage people to keep it as Plan B for the reason MsPC said -- the restrictions on practice in some states. If that isn't an issue, great. If you think you might ever ever ever want to practice in Cali or Maryland, for example, then EC is not a good idea. Also, distance learning is NOT for everyone. This takes a great deal of motivation, and not everyone can learn on their own. There is absolutely no shame in that as we are all different people. So there you have it ... YMMV.

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