Online stats. Anyone take it this way?

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    I have two options. Either take it at a community college level and all hopefully online, or take a stats class for health care professionals. Which do you think would be easier?

    It's the only road bump in my RN-BSN route and it is scaring me spitless. Math is not my forte, by any means.

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    You might get more out of the class that is geared toward healthcare professionals. Just a thought. :-)
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    Quote from LunahRN
    You might get more out of the class that is geared toward healthcare professionals. Just a thought. :-)
    That is what I'm thinking to, LunahRN. It might make more sense because I can relate to it. Hopefully they will realize that we nurses just aren't stat people and take pity.
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    I am right behind you and most of the stats classes have 'prereq's which I don't have. STATS is what is freaking me out the most about my bsn. Dread it big time! I think stats class for the health professionsl. Either way i don't look forward to taking it.!!!
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    I'm with you. It's the only class I dread too.Sigh...
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    I've taken two stats classes. Undergrad stats I took live in a traditional classroom setting at the local CC. It was not too bad. There were a lot of nurses who take it there as a prereq for grad school, so the professor kind of spoke to that a lot. I also took a grad-level Biostats class online. I really liked the classroom aspect better than the online, but online you can look at the posted powerpoint lesson as many times as you need to, which is helpful.

    Keep in mind that stats is not really math. There are some formulae to remember, but it's really kind of its own thing, conceptually.
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    I also took undergrad stats in the classroom and upper division stats for healthcare providers online. I really struggled with the online class(and I have taken many, many online classes). Highly recommend taking in person and also the one for healthcare professionals, I felt it related more to our everyday careers. Good luck with whatever you choose and by all means don't let it intimidate you!
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    Despite my prior degree in engineering, I was LOUSY at math, and feared stats.

    That being said, once i decided to DO IT, I was able to complete an online nursing prerequisite course in stats with a minimum of pain. The instructor was very available by email, or "in person".

    If in doubt, go for it!
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    just took stats fo the healthcare professional this past summer. its a killer class online, but definitely doable. the five weeks was tough but i was glad when it was finally over. good luck with whatever you choose.
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    I took Stats both in class and online. The traditional class had a horrible professor that would explain how to do the problems but not when or why to do certain aspects. I retook the class online and LOVED it. The professor had recorded lectures with power points and we had a Stats computer program that was great. The professor made Stats interesting so I was able to understand it. The only drawback for the online class that I took was that there were only 2 exams and each was worth 30% of your final grade. They were also taken on campus; which is fine if you expect it but there were a few students that assumed the exams would be taken at home. They were quite surprised when they found out. Anyway, I was able to easily get an A in my online Stats class.
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