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No Peds CPNE sites

  1. 0 Do anyone know of the sites that do not have peds patients in the NPAC and MPAC. Thanks for any information.
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    I may be wrong, but I don't think there's any that "do not have peds patients". Any hospital like that wouldn't conform to EC's requirements and wouldn't be accepted as a testing site.

    There are hospitals that have less peds available for the CPNE where you'd be more likely to get a "peds substitute" (ie, an adult), which is what I assume you're hoping to get. I don't know which hospitals these are, but I can tell you that Albany Medical Center (where I did my CPNE) is NOT one of them.

    Seriously, though, if you want to be a good nurse you should prepare yourself to handle peds patients. It's not so hard when you really get down to it.

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    Thanks and I know what to do clinically for the peds patient but I am an emotional wreck when it comes to dealing with them. I just don't want to fail because of my emotions fogging my judgement and actions.
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    So does that mean you plan to have a career where you never have to work with children? I mean, I'm sympathetic to your emotions, but if you're worried about your actions being fogged because of them during a test, then you're probably going to face the same thing when you're the assigned RN for a really sick kid at work, and you certainly wouldn't want their lives at risk because your judgement is fogged due to emotion.

    On the other hand, get prepared and get your head right about personal detachment (maybe do some reading up on this skill), and the CPNE will give you confidence that you CAN handle peds patients just fine, when you ace that PCS.

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    Thanks I will try that, and I think I will love working with peds but I just have to get over this hump. I have been caring for my daughter through transplant and have been doing fine. I will take your advice and hopefully it helps.
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    I heard that the chances of getting peds in Racine Wiconsin is low but not impossible. I went to Faxton St. Lukes in Utica NY and got a peds substitiute but the second group of students that weekend got a 11 month old. So no site is fool proof but the chances are slim at these sites.
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    Saratoga Hospital in Saratoga Springs NY does not have peds patients very often, but that does not guarantee that they might not have one or two on the weekend you test. It is not probable, but possible.
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    The CPNE expectation is that you are professionally capable of taking care of 2 Adults and 1 Peds patient, durning the CPNE. I totally understand apprehension regarding taking care of a Peds Patient. I had a 6 year old girl and had various skin assessments to do, with girls Mother present, who did not speak English. The CE determined the patient would convey to her Mother in their native language what I was doing....other people in my CPNE had babies and just never know!

    My site was Amarillo TX and they had a "Ronald McDonald" suite for children in the hospital. I am going to assume that any hospital that has a "Ronald McDonald" suite would have a tendency to have children in the hospital = pretty good chance you will get a ped.s patient.

    I wish you much luck!

    gail RN
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    Quote from TiffanyLPN
    Thanks I will try that, and I think I will love working with peds but I just have to get over this hump. I have been caring for my daughter through transplant and have been doing fine. I will take your advice and hopefully it helps.
    Wow ... you probably have more peds experience than most of us, then. Best of luck to your girl, and you! From the numerous PCS experiences I've read over the years, you probably won't see a pediatric patient who is sick-sick ... often they're in for RSV or GI upsets/vomiting, post-appy, that kind of thing. Sometimes they're just waiting for discharge! I'm sure you'd do very well with them.
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    No offense to anyone But I HATE peds. I have been a nurse for 15 years in various setting and have NEVER taken care of a child. It is a specialty and everyone is not suited. If you MUST do it for the CPNE then of course, but it need not be part of your professional existence