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I need to take the Microbiology Exam ASAP

  1. 0 Okay, I am finished with everything including the CPNE, except, a Pathophysiology class that I will be done with this week, and Excelsior's Microbiology.

    I really wanted to do this stuff last month, but with the holidays and birthdays I was just thankful to be done with the CPNE. But I want to graduate in April. Which means I have to take Micro within the next two weeks. So I really need help.

    I have been out of the habit of studying for the theory exams for a long time, so it just seems so difficult to get it together.

    I am starting from scratch basically. The only thing that I can remember at this moment it the very basic history of Microbiology.

    These are the tools that I have:

    • Totora Micro eBook (newest edition)
    • Vangonotes for Micro by Totora
    • Study group 101 Micro, printed out and bound (reminds me of the CPNE guide, ughhh!)
    • Biology flashcards
    • Microbiology Demystified
    • And I will have the EC practice exams tomorrow after I register for the exam

    So imagine that you are me with 3 kids, your only job at the moment is managing the house full time (it is time consuming, and energy draining), and have a week, maybe 10 days to prepare for this exam with the above resources. Now, what would you do, what would be your plan of action?
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    Well, Dream. I've never taken the Micro...supernervous about it! But, I wish I could offer some word of advice but I guess all I can offer is break out their content guide just like it were any of their other tests and jump in. Good luck and let me know how you do! What words of advice do you have for the CPNE?
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    Take the practice test then study what you don't know There are a few online sites as well that give some good visuals for some lab stuff.. but overall its probably the same as taking any of the other tests.

    Course I wouldn't know yet I am just starting.. hehe
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    The Demystified book has an excellent overview.
    Read the textbook and the keypionts at the end of the chapter/answer the multiple choice q's too.
    I kinda focused on this approach and got a B.
    Wish I'd known just how helpful the practice exams are, those will help alot.
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    Thanks. Would you recommend reading all of the full chapters that EC lists in the outline or, should some be skimmed or completely avoided.
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    After I took the CPNE back in 2008 I still had the A&P and Micro exams to take. I made a lot of flashcards and carried them around with me. I also used the Flashcard Exchange website. In fact I think I have flashcards posted on that site. I will check.

    As mentioned earlier the Demystified books are awesome.
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    Thanks. I am do a mix of flashcards, and papers , while checking things off on the content guide, we'll see how it goes.
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    super-late response, but for future reference the Demystified series is awesome. short, sweet, to the point.
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    I only printed out the text - one or two chapters at a time to take with me - I viewed the pictures and charts on my computer - saves alot of ink and time!
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    I just took Micro last week, I ONLY used Micro Demystified and listened to all the vangonotes like 2-3 times around! Took all the little quizzes in the demystified book as well...got an A on the exam =) good luck! PS...i failed micro 8yrs ago in college still in awe i actully passed it! =)