I need to take the Microbiology Exam ASAP - page 2

Okay, I am finished with everything including the CPNE, except, a Pathophysiology class that I will be done with this week, and Excelsior's Microbiology. I really wanted to do this stuff last month, but with the holidays and... Read More

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    I only printed out the text - one or two chapters at a time to take with me - I viewed the pictures and charts on my computer - saves alot of ink and time!

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    I just took Micro last week, I ONLY used Micro Demystified and listened to all the vangonotes like 2-3 times around! Took all the little quizzes in the demystified book as well...got an A on the exam =) good luck! PS...i failed micro 8yrs ago in college still in awe i actully passed it! =)

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