Excelsior's Microbiology exam

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    If you took this exam, what did you use to study for it? Did you buy the recommended book or did you buy TCN. Please advise. I need to take this exam because CC is not offering it in the fall. TIA.
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    NCgirl, I took gerontology through Excelsior. The only thing I've used for any of their exams are the recommended texts.
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    I read "Microbiology Demystified," then studied from a TCN study guide, Lisa Arends' notes, and the actual textbook when I didn't feel I'd learned something well enough. I also did the EC practice exams.

    I'm never a good one to answer these questions because I love to have a bazillion study sources! LOL!
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    TCN guide and Microbiology Coloring Book (used this minimally) and I got an A.
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    I used the textbook only. The guideline/syllabus followed the book chapters exactly.
    I made notecards as I read through it and studied from them. I got an A and considered the test the most direct out of any of the EC exams.
    Good luck!!
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    I take this exam on Saturday...but I've been using Lisa Arends disc, Micro Demystified, and occasionally the text. There was also some really good online outlines from some college that I had printed out. I think I googled, "Intro to Microbiology" and some online resources popped up. I took the first practice exam and got a 65 (last week). I plan on taking the B form tonight. I'm getting really nervous, b/c I am in a traditional program, and if I don't score above a C on the exam, I have tot ake the course over the summer...YUCK!!!!
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    Passed with an A on Saturday. Lisa Arends notes/disc was a lifesaver!! I would really concentrate on that and the excelsior practice tests..

    Good Luck
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    Congratulations!! Great job!
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    would you drop me a email i have some questions for you
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    I recewntly purchased the sudygroup101 for the microbiology & A&P.....they are very thorough. I haven't takent he exams yet but am highly impressed with the notes/study guides from them and the prices are fair