Are there any online A&P or Microbiology classes available?

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    Does anyone know of any online/distance education Anatomy & Physiology or Microbiology classes that are available?

    I am currently living in Italy but trying to get some pre-requisite courses completed via the internet before we return to the States and I begin nursing school.

    Thanks for any input and advice!!

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    Excelsior College - offers an exam in Microbiology, not sure if you can take the test in Italy, you would need to talk to them. I'm not sure if you are military but if so there should be no problem taking this exam in Italy.

    Also try this link This will allow you to search a database of available distance learning courses. Just check to make sure that a course does not require you to go to campus for exams, as flying from Italy to take an exam could get expensive.

    Good luck.

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    Try these links. (They have a course with a TA who emails you your marks after your assigment. It is easy to use and was a very awesome course). Best of luck
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    Rio Salado College in Maricopa County, AZ has online A&P courses.

    Lake Superior College in Minnesota ha online Microbiology.
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    Thank you to all who have replied so quickly and with such great info. It's so time consuming to search the Web for the right thing. Here in Italy the local phone call to my ISP is expensive! I will check into all of colleges that you all have recommended. Thanks again!
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    Also try Community College of Denver -
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    Hmm, small world. I'm taking A & P 1 online right now (from Alaska) and plan on doing 2 and Micro through This place!!!!!
    It's the Colorado Community College network.
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    Thank you to Coldfoot for your input! Can you tell me your opinion of the A&P class you are taking? I've taken online classes before - including Bio with a lab. I made out fine - maybe the fact that I took two semesters before (in my previous life) when I was in college full time some 20 years ago. I needed to retake Bio because of the fact that lab science credits are stale after 5 years. I also previously took an Anatomy & Kinesiology class my first time thru college. So, I feel confident that I can handle A&P online. What do you think?
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    This is my first online class so once I got through the technical problems it's been great. This format really works well for me, you have X amount of work to do and it has to be done by X date. I know some classes you have to be online at a certain time but it's not so with this one. As long as you can stay on track time wise you're fine.
    The class I'm in has everyone from high school students to a BSN in it. As long as one studies the material I think they would do fine.
    The instructor for this one is Chris Dugan, I know sometimes the instructo makes a huge differance.
    Oh yah, one thing I wanted to mention before and forgot, make sure whatever class you take is a 200 level, most nursing schools don't care about anything in the 100's.
    Feel free to PM with more questions.
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    Hi Coldfoot!
    How did it go with CCCOnline? I am considering taking A&P and Microbiology with them, but I read online about having to have a hands-on lab. How did that work with you in Alaska and all?

    Also JanetinItaly, what have you done? I am in Madrid, so I have the same problem as you. I need to get my prereqs done and online looks like the best option.

    Would love to hear how it worked out for both of you.

    Also if anyone else has suggestions re. online A&P, microbiology, genetics, pharmacology, and devel psych. I am hoping to start an alternate entry MSN and this is what I have to do!

    Thanks everyone. This is an amazing site!

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