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Hello, I am currently a nursing student in CT, and I am confused about how I will able to get my BSN after I graduate from my current RN program. I have questions/concerns like: -Can I get my BSN in an online program based... Read More

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    Quote from Nervous1
    Yep, that's my dum dum dane.
    So cute!! What's the coloring called, blue merle?

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    I have a brindle Dane.
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    Iwu Indiana Wesleyan. It is a good school. I found it accepted the most credits
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    Quote from LunahRN
    So cute!! What's the coloring called, blue merle?
    He is just a merle. He was from a litter of 16 puppies. I couldn't choose so I let my husband choose which one we wanted. ........but the dog has chosen me since day one He's a mama's baby boy, for almost 6 years now.
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    Quote from klone
    I have a brindle Dane.
    Some days I wish I had a few more danes....but my house nor husband would allow it!
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    Im in an rn-bsn program thats completely online. Its at university of nebraska medical center. Webpage is I love it. I have very few projects and the program is 7 classes
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    Quote from Nervous1
    Some days I wish I had a few more danes....but my house nor husband would allow it!
    Ha, me too! This is the second Dane we've owned and I just LOVE the breed. I'd love to be a foster home for the local rescue, but I fear my husband would divorce me. This Dane is MY baby; my husband just tolerates him.
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    Thank you SO much for all of these responses! They really helped! Keep 'em coming, and I will continue to research these schools.
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    chamberlain rn-bsn is 100% online, it can be completed in 3 semesters. i started in jan and i will be done by end of october, its just expensive. If you are an ANA member you get 10% of and application fee is free. if you want to know more you an pm me.
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    Quote from Nervous1
    Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey, gracious with transfer credit, accredited university, tuition slightly higher ($400+) credit hour, but I only have 8 classes to take which are the BSN nursing core. I start my first one in April.
    @Nervous1- I just want to clarify, you have your ADN and you only need 8 classes to get your BSN at Thomas Edison? I'm asking because I am researching schools that offer BSN degrees online. Thanks for any info you can provide

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