1. 0 I carry a RN LICENSE IN MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA.. EVERYONE DOES A BACK GROUND CHECK. Does any one have any ideas? It was so easy to get my Florida lisense recently, the board knows everything about me.. why can't someone give me a chance..
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    I sure would like to know too. I am currently in IL, since I have a felony its hard for me to find a job. Ive been on several interviews, and they all go great, until the criminal history is brought up. I just found out today that I didn't get a job b/c of that : ( It really is taking a toll on me, and the bills are piling up. Anywho, I know that Wisconsin has much more lenient hiring policies than Illinois. On applications where they have the disclosure about discrimination, Wisconsin actually includes criminal history and one of the categories. I had an interview at a hospital there last week, but no call back yet. Fingers crossed and good luck to you, shop around and be creative, and don't get discouraged when you get rejected, it just wasn't meant to be.
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    Hi Luv2walk,

    Can I ask why you feel it was so easy to get licensed? I have a formal hearing with my SBON, after being denied to sit for NCLEX & I am afraid that I will be turned down. Did you have an attorney to represent you?
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    I had a Michigan license. I applied for my Florida license. I sent them every thing concerning my felony and followed the process... went in front of the board and my Florida License was approved.. now need a job...easy to get a license HARD TO FIND A JOB WITH A FELONY
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    Understand that this is a tight economy. If the hospital has multiple applicants: one without a criminal history, one with a misdemeanor history and one with a felony history....easy guess as to who gets the chance first!
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    I am with Fl mom of 5...I also live in south Fl..job market here is extremely tight even if you don't have any sort of criminal history...maybe you should look for a more rural area where the market is not so flooded.
    Good luck.
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    I would like to know the outcome of the person who applied in Wisconsin..I have a felony and I would be more than willing to relocate anywhere to find work..
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    Just had a job offer from St. Barnabas. I fear they may rescind their offer once my background comes back. I told the nurse manager about my background. Only god can help me now. Man can't close any doors god opens or open any doors god closes. He did not change my life around to leave me now.
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    [QUOTE=FLmomof5;5087213]Understand that this is a tight economy. If the hospital has multiple applicants: one without a criminal history, one with a misdemeanor history and one with a felony history....easy guess as to who gets the chance first![/QUOTE
    Thats what I'm thinking...even if they are willing to hire someone with a criminal history, if someone with the same qualifications and no history aplies, they are going to get the job.
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    I'm in WI. I had a classmate with 4, yes FOUR DUI convictions have no problem sitting for the NCLEX PN exam and getting hired...
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    Quote from colleenrn2b
    i'm in wi. i had a classmate with 4, yes four dui convictions have no problem sitting for the nclex pn exam and getting hired...
    [font=times]unfortunately, employers--and bons--operate on a case-by-case basis, so there's no guarantee that because someone else with a record got hired that you will. on the brighter side, it also works the other way: just because they rejected someone else because of their record doesn't mean you'll be automatically rejected too.

    unfortunately #2, just because the bon granted you a license doesn't mean that employers have to hire you based on your criminal record. employers have the right to set their own standards and can accept or reject applicants accordingly.

    is it fair? not always. but that's how it is

    op: i don't know what your felonies involve nor do i want to know. i would keep applying everywhere and anywhere possible. and like you approached the bons when you got your licensed: be upfront about your criminal record--because if they find out on their own, that pretty much guarantees that you will not be hired. explain to employers what happened, the restitution you made, and how you've learned and grown from it. if you can, try to get personal references from people that can vouch for your character.

    the job market is bad period, and for those with records it is doubly so. i sincerely wish you the best of luck.

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    Got the Job and orientating in the ER.
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    Quote from KellzRn
    Got the Job and orientating in the ER.
    Congratulations KellzRn

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