wanting to be a nurse but have a skeleton in my closet

  1. I am twenty four years old and a mother to two wonderful daughters. I have recently decided to go back to school to become a nurse to help my fellow peers. Five years ago I got into some trouble for fighting and received third degree misdemeanor assault charge. That was my first and only offence. I am terribly sorry for my mistake in which I have to live with it seems for the rest of my life. I know I was in the wrong and I admit my mistake before God and the world. Now I am wanting to make something of myself through nursing I was recently told that I will not be able to sit for the nursing exam, because of that misdemeanor. I live in the state of Missouri and I also tried to get into nursing school and since I have that charge on my record I am not able to attend nursing school period. What am I to do? I have always believed in our constitution, but it seems as though our country has strayed from the constitution that our forefathers had made for all of us to live by. "Great is the dignity of those who are struggling for peace and justice"...."Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice will be satisfied, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven". ‎"'Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another. Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor. In your hearts do not think evil of each other."

    I have learned alot from that mistake more than anyone will ever know. I learned to keep my hands to myself and to only use my strength to help others. I have rehabiltated myself the best I know how to. I learned to do right in this world by thinking before I act. I also learned a valuable lesson that I am grateful for and that lesson is all actions have consequences know matter if they are good or evil. What I did that day was completely out of line. I should not of taken things into my own hands. I will never make that mistake again. I just wish that someone out there will give another chance at life to prove how much I have changed for the better.
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  3. by   my3suns
    Hi, Are the things you are hearing by the nursing schools or people who may not know for sure. I know of a lady that had a charge when she was a teenager and became a nurse. They did put her on probation (nursing) for a while but now she is a supervisor on her floor at a hospital. What I'm saying is if YOU want to become a nurse put and the leg work, get the info you need from the right sources (nursing school, BON), and do it and don't look back! Good Luck
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    I talked to the nursing school's in my area personally, and the administrator there said that they cannot allow me to attend nursing school there cause I won't beable to do my clinical's if I can't do my clinical's than I can't graduate. So therefore I can't get my license to practice nursing. The Missouri Board of Nursing told me that they can't give me a direct answer but it is possible to obtain a license from them. But since I can't find a school to let me in I can't do it. I am going to keep trying to get my foot in the door. Thanks for your help.
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    Yeah keep trying. I guess it depends on the area you are in. The lady I know went to a school in St Louis
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    1) i would consult with an attorney
    2) perhaps more time "out" from the conviction is what is needed? To prove that you are "rehabed"?
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    What city are you in?
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    I am a prime example of someone getting a nursing license with a criminal record! I was accepted into nursing school and approved b the Missouri state board of Nursing to sit for the Nclex in March of 2010. I had two batteries and two DUIS on my record. The board will see this information when you fingerprint.Be absolutely up front and honest on the application. I had to write an explaination concerning m behavior at that time. I provided some references and pleaded with them to give me a chance. My criminal history was from 1996-2001. I grauated in December 2009, and was not approved until March. It was a very tense 3 months, and I convinced myself many times that I was not going to be approved. I was the happiest girl in Missouri when I got the approval! It is not out of the question to be able to become a nurse with a criminal record. You have to make the board know that you are not a risk to the public, As that is their main concern. Explain why you did what you did, how you would do things differently, and How you have rehabilitated yourself. GOOD LUCK and dont give up your dream!
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    A lot of misdemeanor charges can be expunged from your record. Look it up. Then hire a lawyer and it shouldn't be too hard if yours falls into the category. It's worth it, trust me!! This gives you all of the things in Illinois that can be expunged or sealed. If you are in a different state, they probably have something just like it. http://www.state.il.us/defender/expf...7instguide.pdf

    Good luck!
  10. by   bethieboo2u
    I am finishing my pre-nursing classes and have a 15 year old class c felony on my record. I am going to be upfront and hope for the best but I am scared to death. One thing I know is that I want more than anything to be an RN and this felony can't be removed because I was so young and stupid at the time that I didn't know what I was agreeing to when I agreed to plead guilty. I just can't believe the consequenses. It is NOT who I am today and I don't know if my school will accept me into their program or not.
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    I have a DUI, I know it's a misdemeanor but not sure what degree though. I am in nursing school now and will graduate in December, when I asked the nursing division about my record they said they can't say for sure if I will be able to sit but then they did say "off the record" that I would be fine. Just admit and give documentation on the offense when you take the boards and explain yourself, "I was young and dumb, I made a horrible mistake and have kept my nose clean ever since" As far as getting into nursing school, I wouldn't tell them anything, they are going to check your background anyway so let them figure it for themselves and go from there, they may just be telling you that because they are biased against people with records. I would just apply and see what happens. And if you get a run around contact an attorney.
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    I don't mean to be nosy but what school did u go to u can email it to me if u don't want to publicly expose it mfisher1996@gmail.com