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  1. Resume for Preceptor

    I have had a preceptor ask for my resume, what class I would be taking that term, and how it applies to the clinical setting she would be precepting me in. I didn't change anything on my resume, I used the one I had to use to apply for grad school.
  2. Acute Care Pediatric NP

    Hi SariNicole104, With waiting for the application, I didn't apply until late April, so the wait didn't seem as long, but I was told mine was accepted in May. As for the program, so far so good. There is a lot to learn, but it is manageable. I'm get...
  3. FAQ for Student Nurse Practitioners (Part One)

    Thank you! As a NP student, who will start clinical this summer, this is very helpful! I look forward to Part two!
  4. Advice Please

    Hi All, If there is anyone who went to Drexel and had to travel there for the on campus intensives, were there hotels or areas that you preferred to stay in over others? This would be my first time going. I also wanted to know if Uber is used often...
  5. Acute Care Pediatric NP

    Hi! I started at Drexel last fall in the Dual Acute and Primary PNP, and so far so good. I get into the tract specific courses this upcoming winter. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  6. Dual NP certifications

    This is a great question. One I hadn't considered before now. I am in a Dual Pediatric NP/AC-PNP program. I do plan to work in the hospital once I am done with school, but I don't yet know if that will satisfy my PNP credentials and if not, what do I...
  7. Otoscopes

    You are right, Mike. I find myself using my nursing tools on my kids more often than not. I have been looking on amazon to see what would be a good buy. It will definitely get used at home!
  8. Otoscopes

    Good to know!! I believe I am in the same program you are/were in, but I'm just starting 2nd quarter.
  9. Otoscopes

    Hi, I have an 11 yr old son, who has chronic ear wax. We try to stay on top of it by putting Debrox or something of the sort in his ear on a regular basis. I thought about getting one of the home otoscopes to check his ears, but I didn't know if I w...
  10. Drexel PC PNP 2014

    Thank you so much IrishIzRN! I am trying to prepare myself for this! I did make note of the advice you gave, so I can come back to it as needed! I do work full time right now but I will evaluate that as time goes on. For the classes, I thought about ...
  11. Drexel PC PNP 2014

    I'm starting this fall to for peds. I'm excited but also nervous. I'll be waiting for the " more to come" IrishIzRN.
  12. Drexel University FNP Fall 2014

    Hi all! I am in the Dual Pediatric program for fall 14. When I look at the course curriculum we take the same classes for the first year or so, so if you wouldn't mind I'd like to tag along for as long as I can!! Congrats to everyone!
  13. acceptance

    I was just notified a few days ago that I got in to Drexel. One the page where it says your application is in review, it will say a decision has been made and there was a link of for the offer letter. Good luck! I know that wait was hard, but I think...
  14. Drexel Fall 2014

    I am in!! I was able to log in today!! SO EXCITED! I am in the Dual Pediatrics Program.
  15. Drexel Fall 2014

    Thank you! It still says that it is under review. I talked to someone yesterday and they basically said that I was in but I feel like I need to see it in print! Well, if nothing else June 1 is approaching! Oh, the humanity:wideyed: