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  1. bethieboo2u

    missouri nursing school with a felony

    I am finishing up my pre-nursing classes and getting ready to apply for nursing school. Im terified that I won't be allowed to enter their program because of a 15 year old Class C Felony for stealing. I am attending Maryville university. Does anyone know if they will take me?
  2. bethieboo2u

    wanting to be a nurse but have a skeleton in my closet

    I am finishing my pre-nursing classes and have a 15 year old class c felony on my record. I am going to be upfront and hope for the best but I am scared to death. One thing I know is that I want more than anything to be an RN and this felony can't be removed because I was so young and stupid at the time that I didn't know what I was agreeing to when I agreed to plead guilty. I just can't believe the consequenses. It is NOT who I am today and I don't know if my school will accept me into their program or not.

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