Waiting on approval to practice nursing with a Juvenile record

  1. Okay so i took nclex passed and was waiting for my nursing licenses... unfortunately springfield contacts me and says i cannot practice medicine because of a retail theft that happened when i was a juvenile that i never got expunged... so i have to write a statement and get a copy of the police report and send it to springfield... i only got arrested and charges were dropped i never had to attend court, will this prevent me from becoming a nurse now??? I worked so hard and this everything i ever wanted.. ?? any suggestions???..comments??
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  4. by   eklecticsol
    if its important to you... and youve worked this hard... fight for it!!!
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moving to nursing license with a criminal history forum. If you take a look at some of the other threads in this fourm, you may find others that are/have been in a similar situation.
  6. by   Pattycakes85
    Omg..my worst nightmare. I am in the exact same position as you. I cant believe they said you couldnt practice because of it. Please keep us updatec on what happens!!

    Can you give us details of what happened? Wasnt your case sealed when the charges were dropped?
  7. by   nursevirgo2012
    Im going to do the epungement process immediately !! so they say i cant practice medicine until i send them some info so im handling it now will keep u updated what happened with you?
  8. by   Pattycakes85
    Quote from Nurse_shyia
    Im going to do the epungement process immediately !! so they say i cant practice medicine until i send them some info so im handling it now will keep u updated what happened with you?
    I was also arrested for retail theft when I was a teen. I dont even know why I did it. So stupid. Anyway, the case was sealed... and I never got into trouble after. I just cant believe they can prevent me from being a nurse because of that. Please keep me updated!

    Also, practice medicine? Im confused. Also, how did you finish nursing school at just 18? Im shocked!!
  9. by   MrChicagoRN
    Good luck, but please note that nurses never ever practice medicine.
  10. by   dukes217
    They don't go that far back sugar. They can't see juv'e records. Iv'e been to three bon's and not one brought up my juv'e rap sheet. Something is fishy here. What Springfield are u in? Mo or IL? What school did u attend nurse_ shyia?
  11. by   Tggrwilliams86
    I'm going thought the same thing, except it is an arrest record that they found, the charges were dropped so I dont't know why they say I can't practice. I've sent them everything that they asked for. I'm wondering did they give you a license yet or are you still waiting on it?
  12. by   nursevirgo2012
    IL and i attended a nursing school name, CAAN Academy of nursing. And yes they went back all the way to juvenile records, cause thats the only record i have a retail theft as a juvenile. But yeah i had to write them a later and explain to them before the issue me a license and i took nclex AUG. 14th
  13. by   nursevirgo2012
    Im still waiting...... Im in IL. Where are you?
  14. by   nursevirgo2012
    Right we just "Practice" ....
  15. by   nursevirgo2012
    soo still waiting on my nursing license... sent the letter to them. they still havent sent me anything yet i have been waiting for almost 2 weeks now getting worried. How long does the average response take?? and should i send them the $50 license fee now?? ... #STRESSING cause i have job now and they are holding the nursing position for me i just hope this doesnt not take much longer cause i really need to work as a nurse ASAP -_-