suspended license and work at a hospital

  1. 0 My license is suspended and it will be so for quite a while i just graduate and am preparing to apply for jobs will this suspension prevent me from getting the is not for a dui
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    Employers would not consider you for a job with no license.You need a license to work as a nurse.
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    its a suspended license. enough said. you have over 500 nurses looking for a job. and these 500 nurses probably don't have a suspended license.
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    I'm confused.
    Is your Nursing License suspended or your Driver's License.

    If your Nsg License is suspended than Yes.

    If your Driver's License - No. You don't need a driver's license to get a job as a nurse.
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    If your Driver's License - No.
    Unless one rec'd misdemeanor or felony, then could be problematic. Only the BON could properly advise.
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    If it is a suspended DL and you still got your nursing license, you could have a problem getting hired.....unless you live in a city with a great public trans system or live within walking distance of the hospital.

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