I just registered for the nclex exam and i have three juvenille misdemeanors... Battery, disorderly conduct, and petit theft? Has anyone been approved with this or been denied?... Read More

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    I was approved after total disclosure and evidence of total rehabilitation. Everyone makes mistakes and the boards are forgiving...you just have to earn it!

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    I was APPROVED after the board found a misdemeanor on my record. I showed the BON that I went to rehab, and proved myself to them without having to go to a hearing. IT IS POSSIBLE WITH A RECORD. It always depends on the case, but BON is understandable and will give u a chance. Remember if you really want to be a nurse YOU WILL BE!
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    Hey octavian how did you know that you passeD?does it say the same thing as denial application for licensure? plz reply asap thanks
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    I had a few minor discrepancies and knowone seems to care. Loitering where drugs are used and an assault turned to domestic violence charge and some various driving offenses.
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    OP has not responded in pst year. Thread closed.

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