Dying to be a Nurse

  1. people have made mistakes in their lives and learned a valuable lesson so now why is it so hard for your past be your past and live for the future.

    Hello everyone my name is is Melissa to be honest with you I just want some feed back on my situation, 17 years ago I was convicted of a a white collared crime that I didnt know it will haunt me for the rest of my life till this day I get very emotional about my situation I dont need any sympathy just feed back and honest answers.

    I was convicted of 3 felonies that was accessory to credit card fraud forgery and grand larceny they gave me the same charge that they gave my friend at the time i guess it was because i knew her and we were great friends and i had a public defender that barely knew my name and I was young never got in trouble didnt know the law.

    I have been trying to get in to nursing programs and it seem like everyone is on the same page of not having convicted felonies on your record I am a CNA i obtain my licene 2015 and till this day i am still current CNA I took the state board for to become a CNA didnt have any problems when I told the Board of nursing that I was a convicted Felony I had to write a letter to explain what happen and how do i know i wouldnt get in trouble again

    They accepted my letter and I havent had a problem I am in the health feild taking care of residents what is so bad that I can take care of the resident at a nursing facility but Im not a good person to obtain my LPN license or my RN I have my associates degree in Health Science.

    I even went betyond and call the Board of Nursing and ask will it be hard for me to obtain my License and their response was if Youy can find a school that except your felonies It will not be a problem. So why is it a problem of me getting into a school for nursing? I dont understand I have came a long way to keep getting turned down I havent gotten in anymore trouble in 17 years I mean DANG I just want to help people I know I can be a Great nurse I just dont have anyone to sit there and say she has paid her depth off to society I have learned my lesson being at the right place at the wrong time can probably get you into trouble

    I learned that I have been a productive person I love people I even got my rights back I even requested a PARDON from the governor which I check on for the status each moth its been a year and still nothing I dont know what to do I want to be a NURSE and show that People do make mistakes and they learned but it really feel like that society want you to continue on doing bad making bad decision on life but I want to continue to help to make people well and to show that all people arent BAD

    I appolgize to all I just get into my emotions when it comes down to these rules of life when you made 1 bad decision in your early life that you have to continue to pay for it for the rest of your life I just wish someone will give me some answer or some information on how to get in a school that doesnt look at your past after a certain amount of time

    well thanks for allowing me to post how i feel of wanting to be a nurse but my past will not let me go.
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    I truly want to be a Nurse all my life I wanted to help people and for me to get shot down every time I try.

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  3. by   MTaylor310
    I am having a vcery hard time getting into a nursing program because of a 17year problem that is a white collard crime can anyone please help me or send some information on how can i obtain my LPN or RN license I have my associates degree in social science and i am a current CNA why is it so hard to obtain a LPN license when becoming a CNA is ALMOST the same just cant do certain things and I am a Certfied Medical Assistant I dont know I am not looking for no Sympathy just want the facts Thanks in advance
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    What was your crime? "White collar" is not too specific. Felony or misdemeanor? What was the outcome- did you go to prison?
  5. by   roser13
    You have several issues.

    You are under the illusion that a licensed nurse is comparable to a CNA. You are wrong.

    A "white collard [sic] crime" is not inconsequential. Licensed nurses have earned their licenses through nursing school and lack of against-the-law behavior.

    A Certified Medical Assistant position has nothing to do with nursing.
  6. by   MTaylor310
    Good evening mean Mary jean my charges were accessory grand larceny accessory credit card fraud and accessory to forgery and they are felonies and no I didnt go to jail I was on probation for 3 months and that it
  7. by   egglady
    Being a CNA is not ALMOST a LPN. An LPN is a nurse, a CNA is not.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Unlikely you will be a nurse from what you say.
  9. by   Scottishtape
    You've shown an affinity for thievery and a history that shows a considerable lack of integrity. These are red flags for reputable nursing schools, BONs, as well as Medicare/Medicaid eligibility, which plays a large part in your ability to practice as a nurse.

    That is a significant hurdle to overcome.

    It is also important for you to realize there is a SIGNIFICANT difference between an LPN and a CNA. Once you recognize that difference, you can calm some of your frustration.

    Here in Florida, one can become a CNA after a week class. A week. An LPN must go through a nursing program that lasts at least one year, then take and pass NCLEX to receive a NURSING license.

    I won't even to begin going into the differences in tasks, responsibilities, and critical thinking components required to practice as a licensed nurse.

    It seems to me you could do with a healthy dose of research before you allow yourself to get too enveloped in misconceived frustration.

    Good luck in finding a path that you can be happy with.
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  11. by   meanmaryjean
    OP: I cannot think of a single nursing school that will admit a convicted felon- no matter how long ago it was. Patients are at their most vulnerable when under the care of nurses, and the Board of Nursing (which approves nursing schools in each state) has a sworn duty to protect the PUBLIC from harm.

    Sadly, your poor decisions 17 years ago are going to impact your future career. Nursing is not going to work for you.
  12. by   la_chica_suerte85
    Nursing school is generally a very competitive academically. It's difficult to get through your stream-of-consciousness style writing so I think that the criminal record might be only part of your issue.
  13. by   subee
    And if you want to get out of a rut in life, even if you can't become a nurse, you're going to have to improve your writing skills. You will never get ahead in life if this is the best you can do (and I don't think that it is). Go back to school and get some remedial courses. This will provide the best platform for you to dive into any learned skill set. Let go of nursing and concentrate on the other 99% of jobs that you CAN do. Good luck.
  14. by   Irish_Mist
    Part of life is knowing that there are consequences for actions. Credit card fraud and grand larceny are serious charges. Nurses are incredibly trusted professionals who care for people in very vulnerable situations. I'm sorry to say but I don't think with your background that you can gain admission to a school. Even if you do gain admission and pass the nclex, securing a job would be another huge challenge. You don't have to be a nurse to help people.