Do you think a warning on my license will prevent me from finding another job?

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    I need an advice from you guys because I dont know who else I can ask for help. I received a warning on my license and I know I am never going to be able to work as a nurse again. So i thought about going back to school and study medical lab technician. Then I thought even i finish the program am I going to able to find a job? Because I have to list nursing work as a previous work history and they are going to know why I quit nursing and became a lab tech and I have to tell them why. Do you think tag on my license is going to prevent me from finding another job? Should I not even waste time to study med tech? Is there a chance they might check my nursing license to find out why i have warning on my license? I dont know what to do
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    Why would a warning prevent you from working as a nurse?
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    A warning shouldn't prevent you from working as a nurse.
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    It's a warning, right? So you still have an active license? I don't see how this would prevent you from working. And I echo the previous 2 posters... why would you stop working as a nurse and go for a lab tech position?

    I have a friend whose sister-in-law has a revoked nursing license. Until last year, her entire family thought she was still working as a nurse despite her license having been revoked in 2009 (you can find out lots of interesting things on the internet). I think most of her family still believes she is a nurse and she works in some capacity (we are not sure what) in a fertility clinic.
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    I got warning because i was accused of hitting a patient in nursing home. thats why i got warning. Now I know I am never going to be able to work a nurse again/ If I got wrarning because I forgot to chart something or made a minor med error, maybe there is a chance I'll be able to find a job. Now i'm worried that even if I go back to school in another medical field, is warning on my license going to haunt me for the rest of my life? Are they going to look up my license? I dont know how I'm going to explain why i left nursing. I am feeling so hopless right now
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    If you didn't do it is there any way you could get an attorney to help you clear your name?
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    There should be a way for them to investigate weather the accusation is true or not. Can you get an attorney to help clear your name?