denied...should I request a hearing

  1. 0 Sooooooooooooo...I was finally approved to take my boards in Virginia as an LPN passed and then had to immediately transfer to CALI and I have been denied. The denial letter says I can request a hearing but what does that do? I mean they told me no so wont they tell me no again ????
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    If you don't request a hearing, then the answer will definitely be No. But if you request a hearing, there may be a chance...if you do decide on the hearing, lawyer up as the BVNPT is not the nurse's friend. And having someone there advocating solely for you and without emotion or "losing it" can do wonders for you case.

    Why were you denied in Cali? What was the reason given?
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    If you don't mind giving more information, what was the reason for the denial?
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    I had a DUI in 2013 April and it finally went to court April 2014. I have a LPN license in Virginia which is a multi state privilege license. California had denied me but the letter says I can request a hearing but it just seems like that would be silly and they will give me the same answer
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    We'll the BVNPT is who the hearing will be with. I had a dui in April 2013 in another state and got convicted this past April it took a whole year. I'm just wondering what a "hearing" with the BVNPT actually means and why it would even do me any justice. I'm going to request one because it's my last chance at transferring. Y nursing license into Cali. I would just hate for my nursing license to sit and me not use it until we can leave Cali (my husband is military).
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    You might want to change your username for one that is not so 'personal' - esp. when in reference to a felony conviction.
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    Basically, a hearing is when you (and if you are wise, your attorney) go in front of the BVNPT. You'll explain your record; they'll ask questions to gain further information.

    I've sat in on a hearing once (not in CA). The LVN had her license suspended d/t fraud: I can't recall the exact details but I think she had neglected to report something to the BON, and several years later someone decided to turn her in. She showed up with her attorney and he presented her case far better than she alone could have. End result: license restored albeit with discipline. But she got her license back.

    Now, this is no guarantee that this will be your result...but you don't know unless you try. They may say Yes, they may say No.

    But if you refuse to request the hearing, it's a guaranteed No.
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    You might be able to talk about your actions after the incident. Have you gone through rehab, completed any classes etc? The point of the hearing is to give you a chance to prove that you will be safe to practice as a nurse. Give them a reason to trust you. Good luck.
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    California has a lot of out of work nurses. They may not be in any hurry to grant a license to a recent arrival from out of state who has a DUI conviction too but you can always give it a try. You could also try working for the VA, which will accept anybody's license.


    Want fries with that?
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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    You might want to change your username for one that is not so 'personal' - esp. when in reference to a felony conviction.

    Im confused what do you mean
    ? I do not have any felony convictions.
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    Talk to a licensing attorney. Do NOT go in front of the BON with an attorney...the BON IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!
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    DUI in not a felony in my state, unless you somebody gets seriously hurt
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    Quote from griffeyamy
    Im confused what do you mean
    ? I do not have any felony convictions.
    So, what was the outcome of the DUI? I assumed you were convicted otherwise you would not have been denied.

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