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Does anyone know FIRST hand whether or not a hospital will actually consider a candidate with a felony on their record? More than 14 years ago when I was only a teenager, I was charged as an... Read More

  1. by   HoustonTXRN
    In the state of Texas, i'm not eligible for the expunction, i'm only eligible for the nondisclosure, but even if i have the nondisclosure done, public/nonprofit hospitals will still be able to see my record. There wouldn't be any reason for me to get the nondisclosure done. i'm just going to leave it in God's hands. I hear the army takes anyone, that will be my last resort.
  2. by   betsey811
    Hey HoustonTXRN the Army won't take you with a criminal record either, they quit taking 'anyone' decades ago.
  3. by   KAYBDT6
    Quote from HoustonTXRN
    In the state of Texas, i'm not eligible for the expunction, i'm only eligible for the nondisclosure, but even if i have the nondisclosure done, public/nonprofit hospitals will still be able to see my record. There wouldn't be any reason for me to get the nondisclosure done. i'm just going to leave it in God's hands. I hear the army takes anyone, that will be my last resort.
    I dont think that information is correct for non-disclosure. If you're eligible for non- disclosure, no public/non profit organization will ever see your record. Unless govt hospital can have access to your record
  4. by   HoustonTXRN
    awww...what now?
  5. by   HoustonTXRN
    i read up on the Texas Law concerning nondisclosure and expunctions. A misdemeanor class B or above does not qualify you for an expunction.
  6. by   HumptyDumpty
    I too have a dumb misdemeanor charge on my record from when I just turned 18. I graduate in December and have had this thing haunt my dreams for some time, so I decided to go have a talk with the head HR person at the large hospital in my area. Basically, she told me its no big deal, it happened when I was young (7-8 years ago) and you would be surprised how common such a thing is. Be honest about it. On the job application, when you mark yes and explain, simply put "There are mitigating circumstances when I was very young and foolish. Please allow me to explain during an interview." or "It was a foolish, minor mistake that occured when I young. It is in no way indictive of my current character. Please allow me to explain during an interview." Something along these lines.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    It takes 2-4 weeks to get hired at my home health agency, especially if HR on vacation....hang in there.
  8. by   HoustonTXRN
    Thanks you guys for the positive outlook.

    HumptyDumpty: So does that mean you were able to get the job at the hospital with the misdemeanor by putting down that you wanted to explain your actions during the interview?

    NRSKarenRN: For the home health, i called them twice after i turned in my job application, and twice they keep telling me to call back because they haven't done the criminal background check.
  9. by   RN-NewGrad
    Just want to update you all on my story. Since starting this thread, I have been applying to jobs like crazy and I did put on all my applications a brief explanation of my felony without too many details. I simply state that is was something that happened when I was young. I have since had several interviews and not one of them brought it up to me. I was actually offered a few jobs and I chose one I am very happy with. So I guess I have answered the question. YOU CAN GET HIRED AFTER A CRIMINAL RECORD!!!!! Just remember to put it on the application when asked and my advice is not to give too many details because you don't want the hiring manager to imagine you doing the crime. State that it was a mistake made long ago that you have learned from it and have no convictions since. Something simple like that. I never brought it up (and neither did they) during interviews. I didn't want that being the focus of conversation and what I was remembered for, so I just made sure I went into the interview showing confidence and enthusiasm. Anyways, good luck to everyone job hunting right now. And thanks for all the support.
  10. by   Lovenox1
    Thank Goodness!!!!!....So many people have done dumb things and life wouldn't be life if we didn't learn from those mistakes. And I bet those people that gave you a chance realize this and probably have kids at home that did something or else they themselves were there once . That is one beautiful thing about nursing: is that there are many caring people involved in the "aspect" of the field!!...I'm so happy for you!!!...
  11. by   OH-buckeye25

    First off congrats on landing your job!!!! I totally could relate to your story and know how things are in this world. I felt your pain through your posts on this site. I know how hard it must of been, but I am sure it has all paid off now. You kept your faith. Now I am trying to keep my faith in my hard situation. I use to be a pharmaceutical sales rep and sold some major RX medications, but I was let go because of a dui/felony. This was almost 4 years ago and i have turned my life around. I havent done anything more to get myself in any trouble, but now am fighting how hard it is to get back in the medical industry. I have gotten some interveiws with some more pharma companies and medical compaines, but havent landed a job. So I decided to put some time inbetween myself and what mistake i ve made. I done everything good in my life turn myself around and I have told some hr managers and interviews what i did, they kinda are like wow.... thats a felony. But it is what it is.. cant get a expungement because still shows up... I went back to school for nursing. I am now taking my preqs and have them almost done. I have done very well in all my science classes, but now will be facing how do i get into nursing school with a feonly, yet alone with a hospital. How do you get people to listen to you? how do you get an interveiw with a hospital? what did you do? I need help. Am i wasting my time? I have talked with the Ohio State Board of Nursing and they say my felony wouldn't disqualify me from taking the NCLEX... What do I do? what can i do? I want some one in HR to just listen to be and give me a chance. I mean come on I use to sell to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare members. Thanks for all your help
  12. by   NYCnurse82
    I am coming into this conversation late but want to share my story because I can CERTAINLY relate!
    I am 27 and have been a LPN for 4 years and recently got my RN license. I also have a record ( minor felony from 9 years ago that was was eventually reduced to a misdemeanor-Unfortunately my background check still comes up showing a felony though).
    I had ALL the same concerns as you did initially. My first job required something called a "certificate of disposition" proving the felony was reduced and that was it to get me the job
    . My second job listened to my side of teh story and understood. I am now an RN and interviewing for positions. I do live in NYC where there tends to be a more progressive population but I also give the HR representative a really good explanation when given an opportunity. Honesty is DEFINATELY the best option....most HR employees have indeed seen it all and are not going to be so suprised when they see your charge. The more confident you are in yourself that you have changed, the more likely you will get hired( people can sense when you have actually changed rather than you are just giving lip service)...and it sounds liek your charge was WAY in the past.

    Sometimes it is easier if you have a record to get hired in settings like nursing homes, Psych, Detox, group homes etc.
    I have all teh faith in teh world you will be do not want to work somewhere that wouldn't understand anyway. You want to work somewhere that is open minded and forgiving and one that will embrace your positive change by hiring you.
  13. by   jveamiller
    congratulation on you hard work and persistance, you will make a great nurse and we need those who really want to be one. i have been in nursing for 30 yrs and see many new nurses who are going into the field for alll the wrong reasons. my questions is where did you attend school, many schools are hard to get into with a record, i know someone who is trying much wtih the same isssues you had and cannot get into the clinical part, his grades her 4.0. please help