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Graduated with my first degree in Environmental Science, couldn't find a job with the Texas Wildlife department so decided to pursue nursing! WOW what a journey :P

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  1. HumptyDumpty

    Earning potential

    I was hired as a new grad to an urgent care with a base of $95k and production bonus. Most of the midlevels at this practice easily clear $130k+ a year. The topper is we only work 12 days a month. If you want it, you can get it.
  2. HumptyDumpty

    AANP and ANCC Merger

    As our licensing exams should be. This is the reason why I took the AANP FNP exam. We are training to be clinicians right? I didn't want to fill my head with the mumbo jumbo the ANCC requires on their exam.
  3. HumptyDumpty

    Passed FNP AANP!

    I think I will get a partial refund, but they keep $160 unfortunately. I really didn't want to study that theory and research crap anyways
  4. HumptyDumpty

    Passed FNP AANP!

    Took it this morning and passed. I found the test to be rather uncomplicated. Most of the answers were very obvious. 80% of the test seemed to consist of answer choices where only one really made any sense. Know the basics, standards of care, and treatment guidelines. They will help you answer some of the questions. I used fitzgerald and leik mostly. I felt like this was more than enough. I did some APEA practice questions, while helpful, was kind of a waste of money IMO. Some questions there is really no way to prepare for it other than using clinical common sense. I had like 2-3 non clinical type questions, the rest was clinical based. Canceling my ANCC Tuesday, don't see a point in taking it now. Best of luck everyone! Now its time to start practicing and really getting into it.
  5. HumptyDumpty

    AANP website 92% Fitzgerald 75-80% am I ready?

    Good stuff, congratz!
  6. HumptyDumpty

    Who has both AANP and ANCC certifications? Should I?

    I am taking my AANP this Saturday and the facility I got a job at doesn't even know or cares what the difference between them both are. If I am licensed through the state, that's all they care about. So the HR people tell me.
  7. HumptyDumpty

    AANP website 92% Fitzgerald 75-80% am I ready?

    Let us know how it goes! Best of luck!
  8. HumptyDumpty

    Adult-Gero exam and AANP

    Ya, I heard of barkley saying not to use any practice exams. Eh, I sit next Saturday and other than reviewing some things, I am doing practice questions. I don't know what else to do. I am to the point where I feel like I am looking at the same material over and over and not learning much. I feel ready.
  9. HumptyDumpty

    AANP website 92% Fitzgerald 75-80% am I ready?

    I am sitting for mine on Saturday. I scored 80% on the AANP quiz and have done pretty horrible on a few of the fitzgerald quizzes. Its all relative and is totally dependent on which questions you get on the real thing. How are you preparing these last couple days? I thought about doing some APEA tests.
  10. HumptyDumpty

    AANP exam from AANP website-similar to actual exam?

    Good stuff, I scored a 80% and thought the practice test was pretty easy... The ones I missed were those 50/50 ones, and I chose the wrong answer lol. I felt like it was pretty straight forward stuff for the most part.
  11. HumptyDumpty

    Passed Adult AANP Certification Exam

    Awesome, thanks for that! I am taking mine in a couple weeks. Gone through fitzgerald and leik and mostly just going over it again. I took the AANP $50 practice test and scored a 80 on. Been scoring in the low 80s on leiks questions as well. So I think I will continue to review some stuff and then do lots of practice questions the last week before the exam. So a lot of womens health huh? Dang it... I hate women's health too. So did you feel like it was pretty random?
  12. HumptyDumpty

    Sick of the Certs!!!!! Just let 'em be an NP!

    I couldn't agree more with everything said. Its ridiculous the amount of complete BS entails NP training and licensing. No one cares about all those letters behind your name. It doesn't make you look anymore important. What we need is more medical training. You can seek this out yourself, but it needs to be incorporated into programs. Nursing theory, teaching and research have there place, but the amount in most programs is down right retarded. Now with the DNP, its even more ridiculous. There is no way I am spending $20k for a degree that is not going to increase my salary or make me a better provider. That money could go towards CME's that would actually benefit my clinical practice instead of doing some "cap stone" project about how the health belief model impacts the Hispanic diabetic population in rural Nebraska.
  13. HumptyDumpty

    Family AANP certification exam role call!

    Awesome, gratz! Looking forward to getting it over with. Anyone else taking it soon?
  14. HumptyDumpty

    Family AANP certification exam role call!

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else out there will be taking the AANP in the next month or 2? I am hoping to sit for it at the end of May (graduate this Friday!). Been going through the fitzgerald book, Leik, and the fitzgerald CDs/workbook. Hope that's enough, I am feeling pretty good about it. Anyone else or any advice/tips?
  15. Hi everyone, I have the CDs/MP3s for both programs, but do not have the actual workbooks/review books that go with them. Does anyone have their old one they would be willing to sell?
  16. I have all the CDs/MP3s for both courses, just no review book Anyone out there have either they would be willing to sell?