Family AANP certification exam role call!


Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else out there will be taking the AANP in the next month or 2? I am hoping to sit for it at the end of May (graduate this Friday!). Been going through the fitzgerald book, Leik, and the fitzgerald CDs/workbook. Hope that's enough, I am feeling pretty good about it.

Anyone else or any advice/tips?


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Sigh, one more year for me. But I am still doing Fitzgerald and other questions, re-listening to lectures, and otherwise getting psyched for the big day. Good luck to you!


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I graduate tomorrow but took my boards May 1 (since my program had finished April 30). Yeah, I was way on the ball with getting my registration, haha. I passed it and I used Fitzgerald and APEA audio review plus the books. I actually found my NP classes to be far more useful in preparation for the FNP exam than any of the reviews, and I actually found the exam to be PAINFULLY easy. I was freaking out for the first 30 questions or so and then I realized I knew a lot of the answers and most of the questions had only one answer that could possibly be correct anyway.

Good luck everyone :)


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Awesome, gratz! Looking forward to getting it over with. Anyone else taking it soon?