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There are lots of posts and discussions on AN about where the nursing jobs aren't but not much discussion about which areas have plentiful openings for RN's. For the most part, this question relates... Read More

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    What town? Just curious...I live in Evansville right now but grew up in Syracuse by Warsaw and Goshen.
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    Suddenly, in my area, hospitals are hiring pretty much everyone who applies. I've heard that union contracts being renewed and budgets completed are the reason for all the new hiring activity. Not sure though. My husband is a union worker and he tells me that during the contract renewal year, budgets are slashed like crazy, people get laid off left and right, and obviously, nobody gets hired.
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    Plenty of jobs in Arkansas.
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    Eagle Pass, Texas (I have never been there, but I have heard that the town is isolated, on the border with Mexico, and not very pretty). The local hospital is called Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center, and they still offer large sign-on bonuses.
    Thank you TheCommuter...I believe these are the kinds of places where there's still opportunity.
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    Really? This may be a myth but I was told that NC living expenses are really high compared to wages. Is that true? Do hospitals offer relocation packages? As a new grad, I'm more than willing to go where the job is.
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    Why on Earth would you ever attend a school that was not accredited???!!!