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I am cheeeesing!!! Because I am officially a nurse. That's right! No longer am I the licensed non-working individual. But I am not here to gloat or rub it in. I wanted to give some tips. They are kind of out-of-the-norm....Very... Read More

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    Thank you! Great Tips !!!!!

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    This strategy works like a charm! I had 3 interviews and 2 offers in one month after doing this. I got my dream job offer today and will start orientation on the second week of march! I couldn't be happier! I'm a new grad (and from a foreign university, too!); have part time home health aide experience for mere 6 months. But the DON didn't care and was impressed on how well I interviewed! It is really true that they coudldn't care less if youre a new grad- they are looking for something more substantial than your experience! *fist pump*
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    Thanks for sharing!! I'm starting my new plan of attack on Monday!!
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    I am so desperate for work. I am willing to try anything. Hopefully I can get some emails this weekend so I can implement the tips above. Thank you!!
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    Love this
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    Awesome!! I do some of these, now I have more. You rock!
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    Ok I want to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! for the person who wrote this article. I am a new grad ADN with so-so grades in the Los Angeles area and I did this trick. I looked up the DON on linked in and then went to their hospital websites and looked for how their email addresses were set up. I usually went to the MEDIA section, because email addresses were hard to find...but the ones I found I did exactly as the poster suggested and sent Jane.Doe@yourhospital.com or JDoe@yourhospital.com and I sent out 20 emails like that with a letter explaining I was a new grad and why I wanted to work at their hospital. I did this BEFORE I even took NCLEX. And guess what?? I got a response from EVERY SINGLE PERSON!!!! Most said they didn't have any new graduate openings at the moment to check back...but one DON said she really liked my resume and was passing it on to HR. Then about a month later I get a call from HR for an interview the NEXT DAY!! I went to the interview, dressed to impress and was cheerful and confident and 5 days later they called me with a job offer for their ORTHO/Med-Surg floor!!!!

    THIS REALLY WORKS!!!! Granted, it's a small community hospital of only 235 beds. But, it's a job!
    The total time it took for me to find DON on linked in, find the hospital email address configuration on their website, and write personalized emails with resume took about 2 full days. But it was soooooo worth it!

    DO THIS!!! You will be amazed! Good luck to you all!
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    A GREAT article that needed a BUMP!
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    I graduated last year and still haven't gotten a full time position in a hospital .... I'm definitely going to try these tricks I hope they work for me in New Jersey! Thanx sooo much !
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