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  1. Well you have to ask yourself this. When you walk into a patients room during clinical are you happy ? Do you feel you belong? Or do you feel like there's no point ? Or do you feel dread? Think about what was the originating point that made you switch from accounting in the first place ? There must have been something that deterred you from accounting to even switch out of it in the first place. I remember I had a colleague who expressed the same thing you did. However, during our third semester she expressed that she did love what she was doing after all...it was just the fact that it was all new to her ...the dedication, the long hours, the studying. She stuck it out to the third semester Medical Surgical 2, where you can really tell if this is for you or not. Maybe you should too .. Now this is a lot of money and remember that there are so many aspects to nursing than just bedside. Yes, you do have to complete 1-2 years of bedside but after that you're free to go into any specialty you so desire ..and not all require the 12 hour shift work like the hospital. I think you need to go with how you feel when you're in the clinical setting. Think long and hard about this before you make any rash decisions. I understand it takes away from your family but that is nursing school ...long hours..dedication ..and work ..but it's only temporary until you graduate. No one can answer whether it's in your heart to switch out of nursing or not. My instructor always tells me she makes sure that the student understand s that each patient is a loved one to their family -could you treat them as you would treat your own in a bed side setting ? Good luck with your decision I hope you think it out.
  2. Cruz.Cookie

    Brian Short News

    I've always remembered this-- everyone is dealing with their own personal demons in our own personal levels. I always make sure to treat people with respect because you don't know what that person is going through--the human mind is a very delicate, complex entity. No one will ever know what could have triggered this tragedy. With that said, prayers to Brian, his family, and everyone else impacted by this devastating tragedy. This is really shocking-beyond belief...can't comprehend. Blessings for this site and all.
  3. Cruz.Cookie

    Question about the teas v exam

    Definitely get the whole ATI package. So that means obtaining the book with the two assessment tests. It's an $investment$$ but it will definitely help you in the long run. Also read the ATI book front to back ...you have 6 months to adequately prepare. I only had 2 weeks. You'll do great. Also I will provide this link of this user who details the components of the ATI exam beautifully. Good luck to you and happy studying :)!! https://allnurses.com/teas-exam-help/how-i-passed-804222.html
  4. Cruz.Cookie

    PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    I hope they'll be lenient on getting the cpr through them before the start of clinical. I do have one currently.
  5. Cruz.Cookie

    PHSC 2015 Nursing Hopefuls

    What do you do if the cpr classes for 8/18 are all filled up already? It's only been two days and just when I was about to register the section was gone
  6. Although I'm just a student nurse and my story doesn't even compare to the incredible stories on this thread--the one patient that will always stick out to me was a retired teacher who wanted to pray with me during my clinical shift. We talked about everything from social to politics and etc. Before I was to leave for post-conference, she told me that I had the nurses' touch and asked if she could pray that God would lead me successfully through my journey in becoming a nurse. This was in my first semester of clinical in a Med-surg floor. I had to do everything within myself not to cry from that special moment. I will never forget her.
  7. Cruz.Cookie

    Shadowing tonight- nervous!

    I think you should thank the nurse you're shadowing/them for giving you such a wonderful opportunity. You should also make sure you convey your enthusiasm and interest to your shadower...but I'm sure that won't be hard for you!! Ask questions..engage in conversation about the unit..routine ...etc etc. Just relax and shadow !!
  8. Cruz.Cookie

    Job Fair

    Strap on your big girl boots and keep it moving. You will encounter people like this whether you like it or not. All it takes is a positive attitude and perseverance to get to where you need to go. Stick it out :).
  9. Cruz.Cookie

    Nursing and the supernatural

    Yes! Love these stories
  10. I love reading the different outlooks and views into the critical thinking process of nurses from different specialties. Very interesting and insightful!!
  11. Cruz.Cookie

    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    Amazing! Thank you
  12. Cruz.Cookie

    nursing school

    I don't...but thats because I'm a bad procrastinator lol. I cant even date because i have way too much work to focus on and study. All of that is a distraction for me. But it all varies on the individual. It's about how you manage your time and priorities in order for you to hang out with friends or attend social events. However, nursing school is very consuming and the school work is crazy so you won't really have as much free time as you had before nursing school.
  13. Cruz.Cookie

    Telehealth or Info Tech Skills for nurses ?

    Thanks ! I just wanted an indepth explanation on these courses and how it can benefit. Telehealth definitely sounds interesting and conducive.
  14. I need to take a 1hr credit class to fulfill my fafsa requirements, however, I am undecided on these two. Can anyone explain more in-depth as to what these classes are mainly about? I tried googling but I still didn't quite understand. Its not clear to me....and which is more interesting/beneficial towards nursing? Thank you!! 😄
  15. Cruz.Cookie

    Pediatric Nursing Route

    Hey there, well I want to be one of the nurses that get to walk around..you know check heartbeats, monitor activity, know blood pressure, weigh in...helping the sick. And I know what you mean..it takes 4 years to get a BSN and school can become tiresome. I don't have a family to care for, so I might as well take the oppurtunity..nothing is easy in ife, hardwork pays off. In the near future I feel that ADN will just be put to the bacckburner and BSN will be the new ADN. They expect higher now.
  16. Cruz.Cookie

    Pediatric Nursing Route

    Hello, everyone. I am pursuing my RN and I've been having new ideas. My main goal is to work hands on with people, and help them rather than sitting behind a desk. Getting in the action if you know what I mean. I want to pursue my BSN because thats another tool in the belt that makes you stick out from others in the competitive nursing field. My first question is, will I be able to get in on the action with a BSN degree? and my second is what exactly do I need to become a pediatrics nurse? Do I become a RN, work as an intern in the children's hospital and sit down for the licensure..or is the BSN required also? And anyone whose a pediatric nurse, please share what you have done and your experiences as well. Any suggestions would be awesome, Thank You:bow: