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  1. catlovingRN

    Interview with Nurse Educator & Staff RN

    Thanks for your responses! For whatever reason the second interview never got scheduled, but this morning (almost 2 months later) I got offered the job!!!!! Looking forward to stepping away from medsurg and into the very different world of L&D! [emoji4]
  2. catlovingRN

    Interview with Nurse Educator & Staff RN

    Hi everyone! So after being an Ortho/Stroke nurse for a year I finally got an interview for a full-time L&D position! I interviewed with the nurse manager last Thursday and it went really well. She emailed me last night saying the next step would be an interview with the nurse educator and a staff nurse- do you think this is supposed to be like a peer interview? I've interviewed with staff nurses before, but not with an educator. Any advice for specific questions I should ask or how to go about preparing for this? Thanks in advance!
  3. catlovingRN

    Potential Job Switch- What to do?

    Thanks for all the responses!! I am still waiting to hear about the MB position and just emailed HR today to follow up! I'm still on my parents insurance for about the next 2 plus years so I will compare the two and take that into consideration. If i get the offer for Mother Baby I think I definitely will have to go for it. Like nyy2 said this is definitely a difficult specialty to work your way into and I would not want to pass up the opportunity since I don't know how long it might be before I get another chance. Another thing contributing to my decision is that my current position is part-time. It wasn't an issue originally, but a lot of new people have been hired part-time as well and it has become extremely difficult to pick up shifts. I got cancelled tonight since it wasn't my scheduled shift. I will update as soon as I hear anything about a job offer! Keeping my fingers crossed!
  4. catlovingRN

    Potential Job Switch- What to do?

    I really appreciate your response and I will definitely look into that! I also just learned that the L&D manager at the same hospital system I am currently employed at is not someone you want to work for, so that will probably sway my opinion if I get the job offer. Also, my current position is part-time so I'm only guarenteed 24 hours a week whereas the position at the other hospital is full-time.
  5. catlovingRN

    Potential Job Switch- What to do?

    Hi everyone, I interviewed two days ago for a maternity position that will include orientation in mother baby, newborn nursery, and eventually antepartum and L&D. I'm going on 8 months as an ortho/stroke nurse and it is not an easy job. The patient ratio is always 6:1 and because we are a stroke unit we get a ton of confused patients and 1:1's and are understaffed a lot, unfortunately. Maternity is what I've been interested in since school and I feel very lucky to have even gotten the interview. Basically, my dilemma is that the new job (if I get an offer) is 40 minutes away, and is going to be a drop in pay - about 2 dollars less an hour. I have the potential to transfer at my current hospital, but I've already spoken to HR and they said I need the full year of experience, which I understand, and would probably need 6 months in mother baby before going to L&D, which is what I'm really interested in. First of all there is the possibility I don't get this job and then I wouldn't have any decisions to worry about right now, but If I do get an offer I feel like how can I pass up an opportunity to work in a field I'm truly interested in just because it's a little farther with a little less pay (I don't have a family to support, just your standard 23 year old living expenses). On the other end, it's scary as hell to leave a job I'm already comfortable with that has coworkers I really enjoy as well- especially if I could eventually transfer within my hospital system. However, there is no guarantee I'll get a job in maternity at my one year mark at my current job. This interview basically fell into my lap (friend of a friend got my resume) so I feel like I would be silly to pass up such an opportunity. I guess I'll cross this bridge if I get an actual offer, but I just needed somewhere to vent with the hope that someone might have a bit of advice or has been in a similar situation. Thanks for reading!! :) (P.S. sorry for any errors or weird sounding sentences- I have to leave for work so no time to proof read!)
  6. I guess I should update this. The internship ended up falling through and after many many more applications and about a 4 month interviewing process I got a job on an ortho/stroke floor in south Jersey. I start tomorrow! :)
  7. catlovingRN

    Good sign?

    So this has been quite a long process, but if anyone is interested in hearing how things went: I just got an email from the first hospital offering me the ortho/stroke position!!!!!!!!! I am super excited about this! The NR will be calling me tomorrow morning to discuss all the details! Thanks for all the support and advice in this thread!! Can't wait to start my first real nursing job!! :cat:
  8. catlovingRN

    Major and a Minor..is it worth it?

    I'm going to disagree with the above posters because I graduated this past May with my BSN and a minor in Spanish. Of course it was not easy, but I managed to complete my major and minor, have a part-time job and a life, all while graduating on time. In order to do this I did have to take classes during the summer and I studied abroad in Spain for a summer to help with my minor (who can complain about that?!). I also was able to go to Bolivia for a Service Learning Trip over one of my winter breaks and I completed a Summer Study Hall program at a hospital that they offered in place of an externship since my schedule was so packed. It is definitely possible as long as you can commit! Of course it depends on the person and what obligations one has, but yes, it is possible.
  9. catlovingRN

    Still cannot find a job

    Well first, I would probably take your GPA off your resume. I've heard directly from someone in HR that they really don't need to see it unless you have something very impressive (aka 3.5 or preferably higher). Second, I would practice your interviewing skills with other people or video tape yourself practicing questions. Go through the forums on here (if you haven't already) and read through all the most common interview questions. A lot of times there are multiple people interviewing for one position and they could already have had someone in mind before interviewing you. You really never know what the case may be so don't blame yourself; new grad jobs are extremely competitive at the moment. You got this far for a reason and you've already finished school and passed your boards! Good luck in your future interviews!
  10. catlovingRN

    Can you have piercings in the nursing program?

    Personally I feel like if you can't see it when it's flipped up no one should even know you have it so I can't really see any issue. I have 4 piercings in each ear and they're a pain to take out with jewelry like that so I understand where you're coming from. :)
  11. catlovingRN

    Does everyone feel like they bomb nclex after taking it?

    I was in the same boat. I called my dad directly after and he's like how was it and I said I don't know and he's like aw come on you definitely passed and I said I don't know and started bawling hahaha. It definitely is the most mentally and emotionally draining test I've ever gone through and luckily I passed because I don't think I could ever do that again.
  12. catlovingRN

    Good sign?

    Oh yes!!! Very much so. I forgot that this thread had 0 background information about me, but L&D is what I'm most interested in. As a new grad, however, I knew it would be unlikely to get a position in this specialty right away so I put it on the back burner while applying for jobs. I've been applying to basically any and every opening (including in L&D) because I know how difficult it is to get a job. When speaking with HR I mentioned my interest in L&D, but explained that any position would be a great learning experience and foundation as a new nurse.
  13. catlovingRN

    Good sign?

    Updating you guys again in case you're interested! Still waiting for a call about the peer interview from the first hospital, but I also managed to snag an interview at another hospital!!! ...on a labor and delivery unit (whaaaaat?!!!!!!). I'm in shock and the interview for that position is this Monday so I'll keep you guys in the loop.
  14. catlovingRN

    I Got the Job!

    @mdmrn23 Sorry my mindset has been strictly new grad job searching lately so I just assumed! I'm sure your experience as a float nurse will be invaluable to this new position you're about to start. :) I'm interviewing for a position on a med/surg floor (ortho/stroke) and the next, and hopefully final, step is going to be a peer interview which I've never experienced before. It should be in about two weeks. I'm pretty nervous, but praying it goes well since I have yet to snag any other interviews.
  15. catlovingRN

    I Got the Job!

    Congrats!!!!! That is so exciting and, wow, what a unit to start on. I'm sure it will be a steep learning curve, but you seem to be already ahead of the game preparation wise (which is great). I'm still in the process of interviewing for my *hopefully* first job so I can't make any other suggestions in regards of what to review, but I'm sure you'll do great. Good luck!!!
  16. catlovingRN

    47yrs old in 4days and starting class

    And to add another personal note to that my mother is in her 50's and is on her second year as a teacher!! It's seriously never too late to pursue your dreams. :)

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