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How I got my dream job! - page 5

I have been waiting to post this for a long time! I hope this information will help anyone looking for a job. Some background info - I graduated with high honors December 2011, got licensed February... Read More

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    thank you for the post! what state are you from?
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    Hey tokyoROSE. I followed your advice and I did email various DON and CNOs. I got some replies back and they said they would forward my message, resume and cover letter to the hiring director, nursing recruiter, etc. I have not heard anything back from them. What should I do? Should I email the DON and CNOs again or would that sound desperate? Thanks!
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    How long has it been?
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    Quote from tokyoROSE
    How long has it been?
    I emailed them 3/25 and the ones who replied back did on 3/26 or 3/27 and if I do send an email again, what should I say without sending desperate. Thanks. Btw, have you started work? How is it?
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    I wouldn't email them back. I feel that DONs are not procrastinators, they tend to stick to their word. So let things fall into place. The reason I say this is because I got a call last week for an interview for a job I applied to in December. Go ahead and keep emailing other DONs. I've had a full week of orientation, it is a lot to take in, and I'm excited to be on the floor next week. Everyone has been so wonderful and the more I learn about the organization, the more I'm reassured that I made the right decision. Thanks for asking and I hope that you get that call soon!
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    Congratulation. Your story is very inspiring. Can you please PM your email to the DONs as well to me?
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    Hi MamaEthan, the email is actually attached to the beginning of this thread...
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    Tokyorose I first have to say congratulations, you have made a tremendous effort and it paid off. You have been so generous even after getting a position you still return to answer questions and give feedback. Well i am a ADN graduate since June 2011 and i am yet to enter the world of nursing, i passed my boards in July of 2011. Since it has been difficult i decided to return to school and obtain my BSN so i am in the process.I am at such a cross roads as i am still doing my non-nursing job while going to school so i am feeling as though i should wait until i finish my BSN to resume my job search. Not too sure if this is a good idea as i will be 18 months without a job. Oh i am so . Well i am very excited to use your tips and hopefully it will land me my dream job.
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    Thank you, this is the least I can do to give back to the AN community for being a great resource for me through nursing school, NCLEX, and landing a job. I am sorry you haven't had much luck. Aside from sending in resumes, what else have you done? I do recommend that you volunteer, perhaps at a hospital where you would like to land a job, or somewhere that you can be hands-on (think free clinic). It makes a huge difference. If you want to take it a step further, be active in a nursing organization by being on a committee or running for office. You can also get ACLS certified if you see positions that require it.
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    That's awesome congrats! I'm an experienced nurse and looking for a new job because i am not happy at my current one. I have applied to many positions online and feel like my resume went into the wind. I am going to try this tactic.
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    Thanks for all the great info. would you mind sending me the email you sent the DON? Also i have the nurse recruiter's email should i email her ? or just try and find the nurse managers directly? did u write to several nurse mangers at the same facility? I am asking because i applied to 4 positions at the same hospital.

    thanks so much my email is
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    PedsNP2013, that email is attached to my first post. Look for it, it's easy to miss. I suppose it would not hurt to email the nurse recruiter, but aim high and go for the nurse manager. I did state in my post to email nurse managers of every floor in every hospital you want a job at. So yes, I emailed 6 DONs in the same hospital because they all make hiring decisions separately.
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    Good read, and I have been out of school for years! Good luck with your new job. What type of job did you decide on? You left us hanging...