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I have been waiting to post this for a long time! I hope this information will help anyone looking for a job. Some background info - I graduated with high honors December 2011, got licensed February... Read More

  1. by   tokyoROSE
    Jellybean0583, I will pm you the exact email I sent.
  2. by   Trammie86
    Wow, congratulations!! That was such a great post. thank you. Can you also pm me the email that you wrote to the DON so i can have an idea. Thank you so much
  3. by   tokyoROSE
    Quote from RNstoke
    Congratulations on being smart and resourceful. You are going to be an excellent nurse w/that no problem is too great attitude, your patients are going to benefit greatly from it
    This is so sweet, thank you. I think I will make a darn good nurse
  4. by   Joe V
    Great article! Thanks for sharing.
  5. by   jellybean0583
    Thank you so much tokyoROSE! If you do not mind me asking, what did you write as the subject line? Thanks again!
  6. by   Psychtrish39
    Congratulations.. You are a real go getter and an asset to nursing with that take no prisoners attitude. I will keep your tips in mind for myself if needed in future.
  7. by   BelleNurseRN
    Can you pm the letter you sent to the DON to me also or email it at you all the wonderful tips
  8. by   SueBoo
    How did you get the Nursing Annual Reports??
  9. by   jomajoma
    Hi Tokyorose,
    Your post really inspired me. It is refreshing to see that there is some hope out there, and kudos to you for not taking no for an answer. I will take heed to your advice...Can you PM me the letter you send to the DON. That would be really helpful..

  10. by   trying to be a nurse
    thanks for the advice
  11. by   tokyoROSE
    Nursing Annual Reports were all published online. If the organization is large, chances are they would do the same. I did not have any luck of finding these reports with the smaller organizations.

    I've sent PMs to those who asked for my letter to DONs.
  12. by   tgrove16
    Hello great blog very informative, can I please see your letter. Thank you
  13. by   on eagles wings

    Congrats on your new job. I loved this article; I am sharing it with others as I know it will benefit them!

    I was wondering if you could, when you have time, also send me the letter you sent to your DON? I am totally going to write one to the DON on the tele floor I am doing clinicals on. I just wanted to get a feel for what I should say or shouldn't say, lol.

    Thanks and if you have any other cool tips let us know