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Since the economy went downhill and facilities started hiring seasoned nurses returning from retirement, and housewife nurses that had a husband layed off, etc. the fight for your desired position... Read More

    @ pre-pre-nurseshan because you dealt with patients and hospitals now are very geared to customer service, I would definitely put it there. I was an ophthalmic technician, so I am putting it on my resume. I dealt with direct patient care, I did assessments ophthalmic related and prioritized many testings before the patient got to see the ophthalmologist, so yes, include your experience. Also, if you have some knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid as well as private insurance, it will help as well. Has yet to land me a job, but the keyword is YET...stay positive, it is hard to, but keep forging ahead.
    Good luck.
  2. by   Blue Cat
    This is very helpful! Thank you for taking the time to post this. As a new grad, I am trying to gather all the information I can about how to approach my job search and land an interview.

  3. by   fargasmm
    Ok this is totally not in response to the topic above but it's about me showing up to my very first RN job interview a day early I am worried now that they may take this against me. I read all your tips and was so ready to use it this morning. Any advice on what I can say to the managers on my actual interview day??? I feel so bad :{
  4. by   double_minority
    I really see a day early less of an impact then let's say a day late! LOL.
  5. by   ascnbe
    The job market for nurses is getting ridiculous. Personality tests, credit checks, wasn't getting through nursing school hard enough? Now they are going to check my Visa card use to see if I can take care of my patients. The personality tests make me want to scream. They ask the same question 5 times, with slight variations each time to verify if really does bother me to have someone interrupt me when I am in the middle of caring for a patient. Do I say yes it bothers me slightly, moderately, intensely, moves me to uncontrollable rage? I have been a nurse for 20 years and just retired from the state. I find this process tedious and irrelevant. When did they turn over the HR departments to ex CIA interragators? AAARRGGGHHHHH.
    OK, I feel better now.
  6. by   Filipino RN
    Thank you very much for posting such a VERY USEFUL topic, BostonTerrierLoverRN. I have my very first job interview next week Wednesday at the largest hospital in my home state. As I'm typing this comment, I've researched facts and figures about the facility where I'll be interviewed as well. It's a good thing I read your thread a second time through so I could take a closer look at the "Catch 22" questions. Well, wish me luck!
  7. by   AFwife727
    Wish I had seen this before the 7 interviews I've had! This information is a must-read. I am a new grad nurse (BSN). I don't even have a cover letter and never thought I needed one. I'm reconsidering that now.
  8. by   Cindycin37
    This is great information but again, its hard to get a glance with no experience. Also, I left my first job of 8 months and not sure if I can put this down. My first experience with nursing was not good. The nurse training me had some real issues. She cursed out employees in the office and was the most negative person I had ever met. I was getting depressed working under her. Anyway, I'm so frustrated with the job search that I can't get myself to look for a job in the nursing field anymore. I'm so sad that I worked so hard to be in this situation.