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Since the economy went downhill and facilities started hiring seasoned nurses returning from retirement, and housewife nurses that had a husband layed off, etc. the fight for your desired position... Read More

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    In a recent interview I was asked where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    It really struck me that in 10 years I will be 60 so I have no clue where I will be LOL
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    I know really? We didn't take the first psychic course either, daggumit!
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    informative article op. I have been contemplating moving (which woukd require applying for jobs and interviews) . this whole thread brought back a huge sence of dread and reminded me why i have stayed in my current position for so long!!!!
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    Me too, anotherone. I dread the whole search process, but after 2.5 years, I need to move on, new scenery, new life. I plan to take some time off. I just don't want to go straight into my next position with no break. At least we have more options. I also think resillience pays off. It is a challenging market, but I do believe that some people are not positioning themselves as well as they could.
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    The main thing is some of the larger medical centers use a "scoring system" during your interview. I use the applicants Resume and Cover Letter as well to check off the most "Care Points" I can. Some go strictly by the interview, and the questions they ask may be your only chance to score high. These are the points I super-imposed on the "Hit These Points." There are different sheets and different questions, Here are some of them:

    What do you think you personally can bring to our facility?

    Can you describe an effective manager or boss you have had?

    What do want in a Nurse Manager's Character?

    What are some aspects of Safe Care?

    How can you deliver Cost Effective Care? How can you help us with cost control?

    How do you feel about following rules you don't particularly agree with?

    Do you understand what "Chain-of-Command" means?

    What is one time during school or a previous job you have dealt with a difficult situation? How did you solve the problem?

    How flexible are you with sudden schedule changes? ....With sudden assignment changes?

    Do you think documentation is important? Are you comfortable with Computer Charting?

    Could you tell me about a time when team work was essential to complete a task? What part did you play?

    What do you know about our facility? What have you heard about our facility? What do you think about our facility?

    Give me an example of a time you delegated a task during school, and how it went?

    Are you comfortable with delegation of tasks? What do you think are some important issues surrounding delegation of tasks?

    Catch 22 Questions:

    When is a time you had to break policy or procedure to reach a positive outcome?

    What would you do if you disagreed with a Physician's Order, and he wouldn't take your advice? What if it was Unsafe?

    What would you do if you caught a colleagues Medication Error? What if it was yours, but didn't cause any adverse reaction to the patient?

    What would you do if you walked in on a patient with a tray who began coughing loudly?

    What would you do if you realized the next day, with the same patient, you forgot to chart an important treatment that was omited by accident?

    What would you do if you caught a colleague sleeping in a room off the clock?

    Always be ready to say, I would hate to have to, but I would have to abide by the policies and procedures of your facility, and begin the chain-of-command to address the issue. (regardless of how you would solve the problem in reality).

    They might give you examples of scenarios, and ask you to place them in order by priority, a list of tasks- and ask which tasks can be delegated to other staff members, an order that has something "unsafe," or "missing," or might be correct. They may give you a dosage calculation, or maybe even a trick question- called "catch 22 questions" just to see how you can handle the pressure and difficulty (I love doing this!!! It reallly shows thinking process, and many that miss it- catch it, and correctly call the question!!(just as good).

    I have even heard of a hiring Nurse Manager that would leave the room, call her phone, and see if the applicant would answer it: either way she would give them a hard time(just for a minute to see how they handled the pressure Then explained what she was doing. I know that's CRAZY- just be ready for ANYTHING


    Can you tell me about yourself? This can come in the form(s) of:

    "Tell me a little about you." "How would you describe (your name) to me." "How do you think a colleage would describe you. "

    Do Not Hesitate. Use filler words if you need to gather your thoughts ("Well, Let me see...", but an example: (Ex "I am a new RN who is very eager to learn, interested in (Med Surg/Tele/Unit/ER/Etc.) at you facility which I think I can grow into a competent, long term, hopefully asset-employee."

    Just keep it short(not asking for a biography here), keep it focused on your objective, and around 1-3 sentences.

    Well there's some more tips for the Interview Phase. Just as I said, I want you as prepared as possible

    Boston, I used each of these tips when I went for my interview for a big pediatric hospital in my area. I will be starting my career as a Clinical Nurse I 8 months post graduation...People ask me how I did it...I didn't know how to explain, but thanks to your informative post, I am directing as many people as possible to this thread.

    A recruiter gave me these tips while I was waiting on graduation, as well as those tips on tweaking my resume, especially on skills (former LPN for 7 years).

    I say for all the newbies and everything in between, THIS post is a WEALTH of information!!!! Use it and you will be closer to landing a job!!

    Also be respectful to the process. From the screening to the acceptance of the position was from late September/early October to the Friday before Christmas for the position I was hired. I waited through a conversion of a EHR system. I still remained upbeat through the process-I didn't think it was an "omen" that I wouldn't get the job, lol. I remained in contact with the recruiter, confirming the interview (needed to because the interview was three weeks away!!), plus it gave me more time to research the Nursing department's philosophy. I used the time as an advantage to nail the interview. Managers may have illnesses, deaths in the family, hiring freezes may be lifted, new computer systems, promotions, etc...keep the faith!!!
    Utilize these tips, and good luck!
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    Thanks, I certainly can't take all the credit, these came from many other hiring friends and associates. They came over my 10 years, and being nervous facing and preparing to face the beast of a fight to get the positions I now feel at home with!

    Also, much of the credit belongs to tnbutterfly and Joe.V for reformatting and editing the messy grammatical and spelling nightmare I threw together in time for a few members CV Resume, and interview. It is now something to be proud of thanks to the APA Article formatting by tnbutterfly who saved my modesty by lots of editing and spell checking that I should have done prior to submitting!

    See,... it really takes a "team!"
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    HUGE- Inject that you work well with a spectrum of personalities, you are not calling anyone names, you aren't assuming their this way, just saying that if their are "strong willed individuals, you will do everything possible to get along- and have in the past.
    Holy there, their, and they're, Batman!

    Is your spellchecker on the fritz?
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    Well, let's see,.... I apologized for the grammar and spelling on the main thread, the first following post, and again right above your post. But, I guess thanks for being observant to some extent?
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Well, let's see,.... I apologized for the grammar and spelling on the main thread, the first following post, and again right above your post. But, Thank you I guess for being observant to some extent?
    You need to get that spellchecker fixed, for sure.

    Either that or you need more coffee.

    More coffee can be very helpful - not necessarily for grammar or spelling errors, but it sure helps me not care that they're there =P
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    Excellent article Thank you so much!
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