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Everyday, Newspaper talk about nursing shortage. But some nurses in the certain areas can't even get a job quickly or under paid. I wonder where is the shortage at? I want get a good summary to help those nurses who are have... Read More

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    Quote from motorcycle mama
    Tennessee keeps churning out nurses like there is no tomorrow, so there isn't really a shortage around these parts. If you go to the bigger cities like Nashville, though, you can usually find a job fairly easily doing something.

    The Nashville paper is "full" of nursing ads. All of the major hospitals are running ads for nurses, specifically RN's. All of the nursing agencies are looking for LPN's or RN's. If I wanted to I could go out and get several jobs in one day. Whether it would be a job I would really want is a different story but they are definately plentiful.

    There are less jobs the further you get from a big city because nurses are not willing to drive into the city and so they accept less pay for staying close to home. I know I do. Especially now with the price of gas I'd say there's no difference between my pay and a job in Nashville 25 miles away.

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    I noticed some areas have shortages just because nurses are underpaid. Example: Midwest states and southern cali.
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    Iowa has a huge shortage, most likely due to being the lowest paid nurses nationally.
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    I was unable to find FT work in ANY area as a new RN in NH or MA, just lots of per-diem work. However, NC seems to have a pretty good shortage of RNs. We use a lot of travelers - more than the hospital wants to.
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    Quote from redsox33rn
    nc seems to have a pretty good shortage of rns.
    good for whom?
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    I used to work with travel nurses from NC, Texas and Iowa. These are low wage driven shortage.
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    Which states have nursing shortage without the reason of low pay?
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    Part of the difficulty in comparing salaries is this: We all make different amounts, but cost of living factors into the equation. I may not make as much in Texas as I could in Oregon, but the same house may cost me half as much here as is does in Oregon.
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    What about North Carolina and Utah?
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    Quote from NickiLaughs
    California's shortage is pretty big, there's always tons of ads and billboards on the freeways of different hospitals offering all these bonuses. LVN's have a lot of opportunities if they're willing to search a bit.
    I'm in the la area and it is hard to get a job here. Especially LVN. Not to mention the fact that some employers want bilingual and will hire someone who is bilingual with no exp (in a heart beat) over some one with exp that is not bilingual. Before I get stones thrown at me I am not prejudice at all(my kids are mexican american). I just do not think it is fair...........

    I do not think there is a shortage here at all.IMHO
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