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4 months experience, 2 babies, career options?

  1. 0 Dear Fellow Nurses,

    I graduated nursing school in 2011 with a baby newly on the way and very morning sick. I stayed at home after the birth until my baby was 9 months old. In late December 2013 I started work as a med surg floor nurse at a small hospital, a branch of a large system. I found I was more interested in how to make the work flow of the unit more efficient than in the nursing work itself. In early may I found out I was pregnant again. I quit because of severe morning sickness. My baby is now 6 months old and I want to explore options other than clinical nursing. However, I wonder what my options are without having more clinical experience. I am willing undergo more education if necessary. My strengths include strong writing skills, good analytic skills (long term planning, forecasting, calculating) I am an INTJ on Myers-Briggs known as "Strategist." Thanks for your input!


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    Educational preparation? Will make a difference.
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    I think you may need more experience actually experiencing the inefficiencies in order to implement lasting change
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    I think more experience may be useful plus if you get into a large system, you would be more competitive as an internal hire for some of those positions that pop up. A lot of those positions don't even make it to the outside in my old system.
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    Get at least 1 year med-surg and then apply for prn.
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    You definitely need more experience on the floor to be taken seriously for any kind of management or supervisory role, which is what you described liking.