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I got an email yesterday from NYP/Columbia that I am selected as a "top candidate" and can skip the meet and greet and go to an interview with Nurse Leaders in June. Has anyone else received this... Read More

  1. by   rnbelle915
    Hi! I haven't seen any updates on my NYP Dashboard. It still says "interview" for the meet & greet and I didn't notice any new positions being added. Did you hear back from anyone? Also I am nervous I missed the meet & greet part. After my interview I wasn't thinking and I just left. Was there another portion?? If so, did they make you sign in?
  2. by   derpityderpderp
    Same here. I didn't see any new positions added either. Since their next orientation date is 1/9, I assumed they were going to be hiring right away. The meet and greet portion consisted of going up to the real estate and nursing education reps to ask any questions you may have. No sign in. I highly doubt they would even remember names/faces.
  3. by   rnbelle915
    I created a new Topic in the Nursing Career Advice section named "NYP New Grad Dec 2016 Meet and Greet" if you want to move this conversation over there. I just received a "top candidate e-mail" and my status changed to future consideration in the NYP portal so hopefully we will all be hearing back soon!
  4. by   Yankeesgirl907
    Hey everyone,

    So I passed my board in November 2016, I have been applying to legit every hospital in NY since then and still no calls, in fact..ive never been denied so much in my life and more from NYP than any other. I even got denied for the "meet and greet" at that happens? I have no idea. I called up to ask why I would be denied for a new grad meet and greet and the guy told me there are too many applicants, that automatically shuts be down before I even get started which isn't fair. I have tried everything , even emailing directly every talent acquisition team member I found the email for online and I dont know what else to do, I am desperate. NYP was always my number one choice since day one of nursing school and it's a shame they all say there is a need for nurses and not one gets hired. I was wondering if anyone else was in the same boat?
  5. by   heges33
    When did they open up the New Grad positions on their website in years prior?
  6. by   RNjackie23
    There is a new grad ED residency position open
  7. by   Ivanna1940
    O, yes, was in meet and greet 2016th, january.went through all their requirements, they kept feeding me "we will tell you your next step..." finally, in june sent me for interviews in Columbia, Allen hospital.noone hired me.then i called telent, guess what they have told me"we prefer more candidates with experience ".I was shocked.they hold me for almost 8 months.only if u have a connection, u get hired!!!!