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craigslist?...Am I crazy?

  1. 0 Hey all,

    I was thinking of applying to jobs on craigslist, of course blocking out my personal information. Has any new grad tried craigslist and got a decent job?

    Any thoughts on the idea?
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    I think there are better ways to find a legitimate job........
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    I agree!!! Just curious if anyone tried it and got good results
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    We're not crazy, just desperate lol. I'm also on the same boat! I have searched on there but have not applied to anything there. A good 99% of postings want experience though. There are some maxim staffing postings but I did some research here and saw many negative opinions.
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    Yes I agree!!!! Hospital positions are getting limited. I looked too I guess hoping to see something that said will accept new grads lol
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    You'd be crazy not to try Craigslist!! At least in my area, tons of legit jobs are listed there!! I have had 4 nursing jobs and 3 of them were off CL! My current position is in outpatient endoscopy and it is a fantastic job. What you will *typically* find on CL are places that are not big enough to have a separate HR dept with online applications, etc. Where else are they going to advertise these days?

    Many of the CL ads post links to the facility's own website. Make an effort to ensure you are applying to a legit research. But truly, it is a great way to get a job. Usually you are emailing your resume and a cover letter to somebody who will actually READ it! Just make sure you always, always have a great cover letter.

    Good luck!! BTW- I haven't been an RN for two years yet- so my CL jobs were obtained as a new grad. You can do this!!
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    Thank you!!! I will definitely look more into it
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    I have found many jobs through craigslist (3 year LVN). Sometimes it's obvious which listings are fake or shouldn't be trusted but definitely do research before you send any of your personal information out. Good luck job hunting!
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    I got my first nursing job on craigslist as a school nurse
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    No, I found my previous job in a non-nursing field on Craigslist. It`s often a good way of finding jobs more directly than through indirect HR.
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    There is everything on Craigslist, good and bad. Beware of people trying to take advantage of desperate job seekers i.e. RN new grads.
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    I post job openings on Craiglist all the time. It's quick and free! I've gotten some good nurses and CNAs through Craigslist.
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    I found my current RN job (and I'm a New Grad!) through CL and had success with all of the RN positions I applied to through there. I just made sure to remove my address when I submitted my resume and cover letter, I was not comfortable leaving them on there. I was contacted through email to schedule interviews. Good luck and give it a try, like with anything, be careful and use your common sense!