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Hi guys! Just wanted to start a thread for applicants to the Children's Hospital LA Nurse Residency for March 2018 :) If you'd like you can comment below on where you've applied and your... Read More

  1. by   criticalcaring
    Quote from newnurse1059
    Hey can you post a link?? I can't find it!

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    Let me know if that link doesn't work!

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  3. by   mscassandra
    Hey yall!
    I am interested in CHLA's August 2018 cohort for the RN transition program. Since you guys went through the process, can anyone give me a time frame for the application- interview process? Also any tips! I am out of state so I am going to begin apply for reciprocity in January. THANKS A LOT for any info/tips you guys can give!!
  4. by   busybee93
    Did anyone else get a call about interviewing for 6 West? I originally applied for 5 West and went to the 2nd interview but didn't get the job, so I was pleasantly surprised when 6 West wanted to interview me! Anyone else interviewing for 6 West?
  5. by   ellylamay
    I am just now finding this thread! I got accepted for the Heart Institute - just requested to join the group on FB!
  6. by   ellylamay
    There was a 3 week period in September where applications were open, the phone calls for interviews did not being until mid-late October. There are usually 2 rounds of interviews: the first one is a 10 minute speed interview to simply get to know you, then the second interview can be about 30-45 minutes with more questions about you as well as clinical questions. I found out the week of Thanksgiving that I got the job, which was late November. So the entire process from applying to hearing if you get the job takes about 3 months!