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i work in ltc and today i was written up for false documentation. i documented in the tar that a treatment was done when it wasn't. when questioned by the supervisor i admitted that i did not do the tx d/t patient being asleep.... Read More

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    This is why I am officially done with nursing homes.

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    Blessing to you, you are in my prayers! Never document something until atfter you have completed the procedure that way you can note the changes, etc on what you assessed.
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    Every nurse who has been fired from a LTC ( or written up a million times) please stand up. Yep that's me!!!!

    I found a new job the next day.
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    Quote from Meriwhen
    If you were a troll it'd be pretty impressive...I mean, nearly 4 years and 4100+ posts before you were finally found out? Usually trolls show their colors in 110 posts or less.

    What is a troll?
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    If you need to resign, do resign. I don't think you should put the reasons in writing though. Anything that's in writing can come back to haunt you.
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    Quote from imintrouble
    False documentation is the rabbit management pulls out of the hat when they want to get rid of you.
    I'm sorry it happened to you. I'll take you at your word that your error was innocent. A simple oversight on a busy day. When you're "caught" you feel slimy and sick. Like a liar and a cheat. For an honorable person that's a pretty crappy feeling.
    Again, I'm sorry. I wouldn't wish false documentation on anybody.
    The NH is aware it happens everyday. But they targeted YOU. I'd be looking for another job ASAP
    Yeah this is what happened to me. I didn't sign out a couple (of the 200) meds i had administered that shift - an 'error' most of the other nurses make as well. Although some nurses sign the meds out without giving them...who cares???? just as long as they got 'signed' for.
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    My advice to you is get out of there. Even if you don't get fired, you do not sound like you are happy where you are. You worked hard to get your license don't jeopardize it for some ******employer who thinks 1 nurse to 30 patients is acceptable.
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    Wow, every post I read from you makes me want to run to my manager and kiss her feet and thank her profusely for hiring me. I'm so sorry you work in such a heckhole of a job. It sounds like this place is a trainwreck.

    That said, you see a lot of nurses cutting corners...that's their license, that's their problem. Don't look at what they're doing- protect your license!!! Their corner cutting will come back to haunt them eventually. Be it where they are now, or somewhere else...old habits die hard.
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    Quote from lovetosleep
    What is a troll?
    Condensed explanation: someone who posts just to cause trouble. Sent you more details in a PM. Hope this helps.
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    staff directive: let's move on from talk of trolls. if you think someone is trolling, the best action to take is to use the report triangle in the left bottom corner. this alerts staff, allowing us to check out the message and the member and take any action necessary. making accusations within the thread can hijack the conversation and cause other problems. that's why we ask people not to do it.

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