What is the first thing you do when you put a fall-risk pt in the bed?

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    As nurse what is the first thing you do when you put a pt in the bed that is a fall risk

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    You cover them with a magical, fall-prevention blanket until you have time to read your assigned material and come up with a better plan.
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    Make sure their BED alarm is on. I'm sure they'll be safe then
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    Put a fall risk bracelet on them (we also have bright colored non-slip socks that indicate to other interdisciplinary members that they are a fall risk), put bed alarms on if indicated, side rails up x2, call button within reach, as well as instructions given on how to use the call bell and a reminder to the patient that if they want to get up, even to go sit in the chair, go to the restroom etc that they should use their bell to call us for help. Is it fool proof? Absolutely not.
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    It is OK to ask the physician for an order for a sitter if you think it is appropriate.
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    you do your own homework!

    PS herring_RN you need a Dr order for a sitter - I dont as it comes out of the nursing budget.

    Shove the bed againt a wall.................reduced area to fall by 50% bet you won't find that in a text book!
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    ^^^good point.
    sitter???? hahaha we're lucky to even have enough techs , much less sitters.
    Sometimes I just bring my chair/COW in the room , and voila! I'm the sitter!!! and everyone else gets less nursing care!
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    I tell them to stay put.
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    Oooooh, I'd pay good money for one of those blankets! Where did you get yours?
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    Yes, we have a lady who is always falling. She is suppose to be on 1:1 at all times. She's not. Nursing management won't pay to have a sitter for her.

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