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My boyfriend has admitted to me a few days ago that his ex girlfriend (whom he has a 3yr old child with) called him the other day asking him for a bottle of vicodin. She stated she has absolutely no... Read More

  1. by   RyanCarolinaBoy
    Seems simple to me. Stay out of the drama. The fact that she's a nurse is irrelevant. You didn't SEE her take/abuse narcotics, so really it's none of ur business. I find it really interesting that she called ur boyfriend askin for said drugs. Why/how would he have access to them. Since your a nurse and with him, what should we now assume about YOU?
  2. by   Hygiene Queen
    Quote from caroladybelle
    If you have not personally seen/witnessed the drug use, you are assuming based on his word. And he is not an unbiased reporter.
    Yes, OP needs to be careful here.
    That's why I mentioned hiring a PI.
    Very often, folks will hire a PI because they are dead sure that the ex is doing drugs around the kids (or something like that).
    These folks get all excited because they can't wait for the PI to "get the goods" on that Crazy Ex...
    Only to find out the only evidence the PI has is video footage of the Crazy Ex lovingly buckling Jr. into his car-seat, carefully driving him to the park and, basically, just being a good parent all day.
    Tread lightly before you threaten someone's livelihood... or worse... parenthood.
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  3. by   PRNketamine7
    What about the child? If he really believes she is using, especially when the daughter is around, he should call the child protective service hotline.
  4. by   Jory
    I'll tell you who you need to call and it's not the Board of need to call Social Services because if she is a hard-core addict, they will make her take a drug test and as long as your boyfriend is clean, the baby will go STRAIGHT to him.

    This isn't a legal issue, it's a child protection issue.

    Tell him not to fall for the BS. When you are on the right side of things, you shouldn't have anything to fear.
  5. by   BrnEyedGirl
    Quote from itsmejuli
    My first thought is why is she asking him for a bottle of vicodin?

    If I was in your shoes I'd be seeking the drama free zone.
    Agreee, fast! I too am curious why she would ask? Perhaps because he had provided in the past? Just something for the OP to think about!
  6. by   Jory
    Quote from RN-Cardiac
    Agreee, fast! I too am curious why she would ask? Perhaps because he had provided in the past? Just something for the OP to think about!
    I thought this too and if I was the OP, her boyfriend may be a user as well.

    Funny, how he was the person she called and he was actually worried that he may not get custody...anyone who has common sense and is clean, should know better than that.
  7. by   Esme12
    OP...we cannot offer legal advice here at AN! This sounds like an issue your boyfreind needs to take up wth his childs mother. Thread closed for staff review