Misuse of insulin pens and patient safety - page 2

I work in a 700+ bed hospital that has been using insulin pens for several years. It has been recently announced that the pens will be discontinued because of rampant misuse of the pens by the nursing staff. I was mortified to... Read More

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    All I can say is HOLY CRAP! With nurses like that, I'd be really scared to be a patient!

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    lol... when I was taught as a student to use an insulin pen, I was told to squirt a little bit out but I thought it was just to make sure it works (hate not being able to see the insulin actually being administered). Priming the needle make sense, though!

    We draw up our insulin from multi-use vials where I work. I'm pretty certain you could teach an intelligent primate to use an insulin pen OR draw from a vial. If there are problems with insulin administration, I would blame the system and not the nurse, e.g. pens not being labeled with patient's name. Administering the insulin is not rocket science. The most difficult part is making sure you know what dose to give.

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